Friday, October 19, 2007

Affordable Shopping in the Area

I am so not a shopper, but the Advocate has a great article on cheap clothing brands in the area, including the only store in Fairfield that sells Sarah Jessica Parker's brand Bitten: the Trumbull Mall, very conveniently located right off the Merritt.

Other places are (obviously) Target (I got my best-fitting bikini ever there) and Kohl's. They don't mention the upcoming H & M store in the mall, which all women I know in the area are salivating over. I might even go to opening day for that, just so I can report on what I know will be an absolute frenzy. I gave up shopping to save for my trip to Ireland, and I haven't been able to shop since, to the point where it's almost a phobia. But I'm ok with that. I do enthusiastically shop for fancy dresses at Lord and Taylor, and when I'm feeling in shape, I'll hit Havana Jeans.

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