Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TaWa: Best Indian Lunch Buffet in Stamford

Tawa is the newcomer taking the Stamford Indian food world by storm. Well, it's taking my life by storm. I went there for lunch last month, not intending to get the buffet. I'm anti-buffet because I am deep-down PRO-buffet, but that's bad for many reasons.

The entrees were quite pricy for lunch, so I said "What the heck" and got the buffet. It changed my life. I give the lamb koorma most of the credit for that. I'm decidedly NOT a lamb koorma girl, but this was fantastic. It's the dark stuff in the picture, and its heat went superbly with a cold glass of chardonnay. The price for this buffet? TEN BUCKS. You can't buy anything for ten bucks around here. AND, you get your 6th lunch FREE!

Tawa takes the rice pudding because 1, it's cozy, 2, the staff is nice, and 3, you can park without losing your mind. Dakshin, another good Indian restaurant, is downtown, in parking hell. I'm sure Dakshin is good for you downtown working folk. But I work in the Bull's Head area, in a place called "my house," so I don't feel like driving downtown, paying for parking, and walking to lunch, especially in the winter.

Tawa is right beside Home Goods, with the liquor store and tanning salon. I was dubious about TaWa's little storefront, but don't let that deceive you. TaWa, is, as far as I can tell, very good.

Note: I didn't go wild for the naan, but I've only been to Tawa once, and maybe it's better at dinner.
Another note: Wouldn't it be cool if the New York Times reviewed Tawa like they did Duo?


MommaJ said...

I've enjoyed a number of Tawa meals, including delivery, and think the food is excellent and the people charming (one night the owner himself delivered our dinner because they were short-handed!), but agree that it is expensive. I'll have to try the buffet--sounds like a great deal. I do worry about the place though. The location was previously the home of two failed South Asian restaurants, and it seems pretty empty most evenings. That probably won't improve soon as people tend to cut back on eating out when recessions hit.

Stamford Talk said...

Maybe the lunch buffet will be popular enough to keep Tawa going! I'll check out Chowhound.com to see if anyone has posted about it yet.

Actually, about the recession, I went to dinner at Dunn's Loft last night (Tues) and the Summer St. parking lot was TOTALLY full. We had to park in the garage by Target. I said, "Where ARE all these people? Well, I guess it's a good sign that people are eating out- looks like our city is going strong." Sometimes I feel guilty for eating out so much when I feel like I should be socking away that money, but MAN, there are some good restaurants in this town, and I just can't stay away from them. Right now I'm dreaming of going back to Fiesta on Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know about the buffet! I've visited twice for dinner; good food, gracious staff. On both occasions, the (few) other patrons seemed to be mostly young Indian professionals.

Stamford Talk said...

Why IS Tawa so expensive though?

If I recall correctly, some of the entrees were more than say, Coromandel in Darien.

That seems like a bad way for a new restaurant to start off. Maybe they are looking to be a higher-end place? If so, I hope a local paper gives them some attention in a good review. Hello, I'm available and will work for free- or rather, the price of dinner at Tawa.