Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harvest Festival Next Month at SMNC

My calendar is already marked for the Stamford Museum and Nature Center's Oct. 17 Harvest Festival. Pumpkin picking, hay ride, face painting, storytelling, apple cider and doughnuts... sounds pretty fantastic. Rain or shine, $5 members, $10 non, 11am-4pm.

I am a huge fan of the nature center. The only thing it's missing is a hose near the exit to wash the duck poop off your shoes and stroller wheels.

Geez, Oct. 17 is in only 3 weeks. Time flies.

PS Know why I am able to actually get a blog post up today? 'Cause I'm taking the day off work for the kid's 18 month well visit, and the little hellion is sleeping in. Nah, he's not a hellion, he's actually an angel, but I can't think of another short word that means "lots of energy, spins in circles for fun, really doesn't sleep as much as I had the impression that kids were supposed to sleep."

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Dervish works.