Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Driving Conditions Not Great

I found the roads surprisingly poor yesterday.

When I first got in my car at 10 am, a medium size four door sedan, I thought, Hey, the main roads are pretty good! Then I got to the Bull's Head intersection. Part of the turn lane on High Ridge to Cold Spring was blocked, so after getting into the lane, you had to get back out. The two lane Cold Spring (the little section by the two banks and the new unopened CVS, I mean) was just one lane. Turning right up onto Long Ridge was OK at 10 am, but making the same turn at 5pm, my car really slid in the slush that was now turning to ice. My friend, driving on Long Ridge at 10 am, hit an icy patch, lost control, and slid into a snow bank. She was fine, but two strangers had to dig her out.

Weather Underground warns us, as of 3:28 am Wednesday, "Melting snow that occured yesterday will lead to patchy areas of black ice on untreated roadways and sidewalks with temperatures at or slightly below freezing. Locally hazardous travel conditions will be possible. Motorists are urged to exercise caution while driving early this morning."

Doesn't that mean we are going to keep having black ice until all the snow melts away? Anyway, keep driving carefully.

I hope roads will be treated better today. That section of Long Ridge- the little uphill bit by the new CVS- probably should have had more sand.

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