Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas Trees: Sticking Around Stamford

So, we put our tree out in mid-January to make sure we didn't miss the city's tree collection date. I read in the paper that they'd start collecting south of route 1 on January 18. I was sure the tree would be soon out of my life and I'd have one more item checked off my "to do" list. Then, snow happened. And more snow.

Now, it's February 4, and our tree is hidden under several feet of plowed and replowed snow. At the rate this weather's going, that tree will be here until April.

Did anyone's tree get removed?


Suzanna said...

Well, I'm not in Stamford, but we are in the same boat. To be honest, I'm not sure if our tree is encrusted under all of that snow and ice or if it was removed, and it would take a chisel or pick ax to figure it out.

UnsatisfiedMind said...

Trees over in Westover have definitely not been picked up either.

I'm not sure the city will ever pick them up, but it surely seems likely that this year the northeast will be bringing a whole new meaning to the marketing abomination that is the modern "Easter tree"

Jacquie | After Words said...

Our tree is still in our yard in Darien--not that you can see it under all the snow. After one of the storms, the DPW released a statement that they would pick up trees "eventually." Here's hoping they remember that promise when the snow melts this spring!

Anonymous said...

I called city a few weeks ago and they said they will EVENTUALLY collect and to just leave it out there. Hoping this week as the weather looks a little better.