Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Big C Filming at Greenwich High!

Excitingly, when I went to a meeting at Greenwich High School yesterday, the Big C was filming! Talk about dropping into my lap. My boring insurance meeting was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the science classroom in which they were filming. I sidled up to some crew members, whispered/mouthed, “I’m just nosy,” and peeked in at the filming. Then I skedaddled, as I didn’t want to push my luck, plus I had to go listen to some really horribly boring information before rushing off to pick up the toddler.

On the way out of my meeting, I chatted up a crew guy and promised him I’d stalk them more this summer, when I only have a toddler to deal with as opposed to a toddler and a job.

Set-stalking is a real time investment; that's what you don't realize until you do it. I spent at least 6 hours stalking all over Stamford before it paid off in getting to watch DeNiro act at the train station.

I did receive other information from crew members, but since I did not identify myself as a blogger, I’m not going to blab anything.

I'll just say, I think it's totally awesome that Greenwich Schools was up for having Showtime film at GHS! SO COOL!


Truth Serum said...

The next morning the custodians had there hands full, since an "EXIT" sign was torn out.

Todd DuPont said...

The whole crew was at Yerwood Center today. Filming was in full tilt when I arrived for a program for their vacation camp. Todd, Bartlett Arboretum.

Dr Horder said...

That is really cool. I love that show. Can't wait for it to come back. I cried like a baby at the season ending.