Friday, January 27, 2012

Mike Vivalo: Yankees Fan, Fan Cave Aspirant

A friend's brother is auditioning for the MLB Fan Cave, and I think his video is really cool. It's full of clever signs and celebrities! Mike is a Yankees fan, so many of you will enjoy his video. I only know a little about the Fan Cave competition (read the basics here), but the winner of the competition gets to "1) watch every single baseball game played, 2) interact and film video content with current and former players, celebrities and musicians, 3) discuss the hottest baseball and pop culture topics through blog posts and social media 4) compete in exciting challenges with other fans to remain in the MLB Fan Cave - and much more." The Fan Cave appears to be an actual place. I actively avoid baseball, but Mike's video is fun, and I LOVE his signs. Anyone who is good with words and ideas always impresses me. I think Mike would be great in the Fan Cave.

Good luck Mike!

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