Sunday, March 1, 2009

Economy At Morton's: Not Hurting!

From the looks of Morton's last night, you would not know anyone in Stamford is having financial troubles! The place was packed and people were chipper. My in-laws took us there to celebrate my bday, which was last Wednesday. There were at least two other birthdays being celebrated at Morton's. The steak was good, although my husband had to send his filet mignon back- it was oddly chopped up and fibrous-looking, and the middle was totally raw. El grosso.
I chose Morton's for my birthday dinner because I've been craving their tasty chopped salad ever since I had a TOTALLY MEDIOCRE salad at Capital Grille. The chopped salad, I tell you, did not disappoint: lettuce, hearts of palm, avodcado, tomato, and drum roll: bacon, blue cheese, and mustard vinaigrette. Best thing about the salad: it's chopped into small pieces, so you can quickly shovel it into your face.

I purposefully sat so I could observe a table of four: a mom, a dad, and their 2 children who were dressed like a Brooks Brothers catalog. The boy, maybe age 9, was in a blue sport coat with gold buttons, khakis, and a button down. The girl, 7 ish, was in a headband. I've never seen children at Morton's, and I was curious what they'd eat and how they'd act. Well, they behaved like angels. The girl got shrimp cocktail for her appetizer, and the boy got a Caesar salad. The girl got some kind of steak for her meal, and the boy got a side of mac and cheese, which he didn't eat much of, leading me to wonder if the noodles were too dry. They looked dry. Both kids got dessert, and overall, this family looked really sweet.

Overall, I had a great birthday week. Although I slept poorly, got run down, and caught a cold, I had friends over twice, got the BOB jogging stroller I wanted (I traded the Bugaboo stroller obsession for a BOB obsession- cost less than half of the Bugaboo), and got lots of birthday attention from friends and coworkers. Oh, and I sort of freaked out on a lactation consultant at Stamford Hospital; that felt good.

Baby Stamford Talk is due Wednesday, but I have a feeling he'll be along a few days after that.


Carley said...

Hey Stamford Talk, I see that you're having a boy. I wanted to share something I wrote: My biggest parenting regret


Circumcising my son is my biggest parenting regret and the thing I wish I could wish away. I'd been expecting a girl and was relieved knowing I didn't have to make the circumcision decision. My plan was to labor naturally and breastfeed. After 2 of pushing, I requested an epidural and after another half hour of pushing my OB told me that none of my pushing had been productive and I was diagnosed with failure to progress and needed a c-section on 3/12/08. During the next 24 hours I tried to breastfeed unsucessfully. And the lactation consultants said the baby could go 48 hours without food, but a little after the 1 day mark of his life I requested formula. He did end up breastfeeding after three weeks when my husband and I finally got good consul and we got his frenulum snipped. But anyway, here I was in the hospital and recovering from surgery, surprise it's a boy, having feeding issues with my son and my husband was having difficulty adjusting to fatherhood and was spending several hours a day away from the hospital and given all these factors we were expected to make to this big decision. Both of us were unsure, but the pediatrician was putting on the hard sell telling us he was the best in the area, which I've come to find out is in fact true. My mother and my husband's mother were both pushing him. But regardless, I wish just one person had said to my husband and I, "If you're unsure, just wait, just give it time and don't try and make this decision before you leave the hospital, really there's no pressure, you can make this decision anytime. You can always do a circumcision, but you can't undo one." The worst of my pain comes from not having been there because I would have stopped it, I had these awful feelings while my son was gone from the room, a voice in my head saying, 'Go stop this'. I wish I'd done something, but now all I can do is feel this pain and wish, wish I'd done it differently, that I could have stopped it somehow.

I can't believe how common this procedure is in America and that parents are even called upon to make this decision right after the birth of their sons. Giving birth and adjusting to new parenthood is challenge enough. No one should be asking parents to make this decision while they're in the hospital. I'd like to see legislation banning routine infant circumsion, at very least banning it from being done in hospitals. This is a decision that needs time and care to be made.

I will not circumcize again and I am so, so, so very sorry that I ever did and I hope that my son can only forgive me my greatest parenting mistake and regret. And I hope I can find someway to forgive myself. I keep trying to tell myself, 'When you know better you do better'. And I did not do better because I didn't know better.

My final thought is this: I can't believe that such a cruel act of tradegy is visited upon so many innocent babies and that is had become so normalized. My husband who witnessed it has been scarred by the experience.

Whatever you decide I want you to be happy and have a wonderful experience as a first time mother. Good luck with everything. Hope all goes well.

Amanda said...

Best of luck to you! :)

Jane said...

Wow, you just never know when an innocent post about a birthday dinner is going to set off some breathless and obsessed ranter, eh? People are so weird. Anyway, wishing you and the newbie great health and happiness. I had two babies at Stamford Hospital, and the care was terrific both times. Please still try to fit some blogging into your very busy days.

Harriet said...

Hope I am not abusing the etiquette of your blog, but I am on the board of the Connecticut Press Club and there is a meeting Thursday March 5 at the Norwalk Inn with two lawyers speaking on how to avoid getting sued while blogging. Time: 6-8:30 PM. $35.00 for members, $40.00 for non-members. Any questions, call me 203-353-8873 or Thanks.

Jonathan "JR" said...

Speaking of strollers:

Stamford Talk said...

Ah! Well then, the Bugaboo it is, JR! (With a flip of the handle, it can go front front to rear-facing.) And I tried to resist the bugaboo... but I can't argue with science!

Chris Preovolos said...

Good luck!

Dora said...

Best of luck to you and your husband on your upcoming arrival!