Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Baby Store in Stamford: Bed Bath Beyond

I'm really psyched about Bed Bath and Beyond carrying so much quality baby gear- now I can get the super-safe Britax carseat I want at 20% off since I can use the ubiquitous BBB coupons- but boy would BBB have come in handy oh, about 6 months ago when we started shopping for baby gear!
It would have saved me
a) a couple hellish trips to White Plains/Hartsdale, where Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us are, and
b) 20% off of my babyseat and strollers. Yeah, I said strollers. You'll see when you have a baby. This wall, which looks really scary to you now, will look like a candy store when you were a child.

I hit the baby section at BBB yesterday and I was impressed. It takes up the entire back section of the store.

Here's a list of cool stuff they have that I have, love, and/or want: all the kickass strollers (city mini jogger, bugaboo cameleon, you name it they have it), Bebe au Lait nursing covers, the ERGObaby carrier (so much better than the Bjorn once the baby can hold his own head up), Swaddleme swaddles (don't get the fleece, too hot- get cotton), Halo sleep sacks, and hideously ugly but useful baby swings. They've got high chairs, pack and plays, medicine, bath stuff, baby-proofing safety stuff... everything except clothing, and there's not much in the way of crib sheets.*

I WILL say, although all this baby stuff is 20% off, it's still worth a trip to Giggle on Greenwich Ave because you cannot beat Giggle's customer service. With all the money you save at BBB, you can afford to splurge on some of Giggle's more unusual items (like a round bath tub baby can sit up in, fun sheets, and cool mobiles).

Here's a pic of the Bebe au Lait nursing covers; BBB has the best selection in the area! I own two because they are so awesome. Just be careful not to get the double fabric one (with eyelets) if you are going to be using it in the summer; it's hot enough under that cover even when you have the single layer!

*You should order crib sheets online from Babies R Us, or hit Giggle in Greenwich for some spectacular ones that cost twice as much but that I find worth it since it has such a prominent place in the nursery. My nursery was basically planned around some orange striped sheets from Giggle, much like the only thing I cared about for my wedding 2 years ago was that I had orange roses. Oh, and go next door to Carter's for adorable, comfortable, affordable baby clothes.


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure britax is limited to either 5% off or 10% off - read the fine print on the coupon. still, better then nothing!!

Stamford Talk said...

Oh God, I'm really glad you mentioned that. I would have been PO'd if I'd gotten psyched to buy it at BBB, then realized I wasn't going to save much. I'd rather buy it at Giggle if it's going to cost the same, because I really love the head saleswoman Laura.
But very true, better than nothing!

marathon mom said...

I wonder if ours in TX sell baby stuff?? That would be awesome. Thanks 4 the heads up!!!

patty said...

Because I haven't revealed nearly enough of my neuroses to you, I feel the need to fill you in.

I can only buy washable things from that store.

No BBB packaging or bags can enter my house, and whatever I buy must immediately go into the wash.

I find the BBB scent reminiscent of, oh, I don't know... Christmas potpourri mixed with taxi cab air freshener and a hint of every poisonous cleansing agent I've banned from my home, with undertones of smelly grad school dorm rooms.

But maybe that's just me :)

anne said...

The BB&B baby section is amazing. We were in there the day after it opened, and I wandered through, agog at the splendor and completeness of it all. As I was checking out with my non-baby purchase, I remarked to the checkout woman that it would have been great to have that department 3 years ago when I was pregnant. She said that was their #1 comment of the day.

Bridget said...

Love it too! So excited about it and I don't even really need anything (but "need" is such a relative word, isn't it?!). The employee I talked to said they were planning on expanding eventually too (since right now they are only carrying the top baby items).

Anonymous said...

Can you use expired BBB coupons there??

Stamford Talk said...

That was one of my first questions to the clerk, after, "So, I could use this on a 1,000 dollar bugaboo cameleon and get it for $800?" (She said yes, but someone else on this comment thread said to double check the fine print!)

Anonymous said...

I work at this Bed Bath and Beyond. This is the first store to have a real baby department in the entire company. It is a pilot to measure success so that we can look to expand the department into other stores. It is really super exciting to see the department featured here as I was randomly looking for pictures to post on my Facebook group for the Stamford store. We have had many successes and only one complaint about our squeezing of other departments to fit this in, and we are totally psyched that we have the department. Britax is a 10% discount, by the way. Thanks to everyone for the support! Come in and see it in person, it's a great addition to an already great store!

Anonymous said...

Bugaboo is an exclusion on the coupon.... But ask, you never know if they will do it for ya....

Anonymous said...

Kids Home Furnishings is now on High Ridge Road in Stamford. They have the furniture that BBB is missing. And they discount their prices everyday. You may recognize Seth and Guy. They've been running the company forever.