Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What the heck?!? I wrote a post last week that I didn't have time to perfect and post last week titled "Avoid Banks in Fairfield County." I wrote it because a Bank on High Ridge was robbed- one that had just been robbed 4 months ago! I stated that since I now tote a baby everywhere, there is no way in heinieho that I am ever going to a bank again.

Well, big shocker, on Monday there was another bank robbery on Summer St. I'm sorry, something is wrong with this town.

And do these banks not seem really easy to rob?

I have an $800 check I need to cash, but now I'm hesitant to go into a bank to cash it. BOTH of my Stamford banks (a credit union and a People's) were robbed a couple years ago, so I don't think I'm being that paranoid. And the guy who robbed my People's... TRIED to rob my credit union before he went to People's! Geez Louise.

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Marcin said...

I think you are exaggerating this a little. This is a cost and risk of living in a city that Stamford is becoming.

Last week a guy in Range Rover hit a lady on the bike on Newfield Ave. Does it mean that I should take Merritt Pkwy to get from High Ridge Rd to Hope St? I guess, no.

Stamford is becoming a metropolitan style city. A lot of people with money on the streets means much, much bigger "dark side" of the city.

Stamford police should wake up (and
maybe learn from NYPD?). This city is moving far away from cities like Derien or Westport. We "want" business and money showing off on Stamford's streets. And money attracts robberies, crimes etc.

On Monday Stamford Police car almost run over me on High Ridge Rd when I was crossing it. I had a green to walk, all cars were waiting on red (including police car) and than, when I was almost in the middle, a cop decided to run on red (no flashing lights or anything). Just to stop 200 feet further on the next red light. And he would hit me if I slowed down a bit.

If Stamford Police can not follow basic laws, how can I feel save and expect this city to be free of crime and robberies?

StamfordNotes said...

Do bank robbers really get away with anything these days? You'd think security cameras and emergency buzzers would have made this a particularly bad idea in the modern age.

Whitemist said...

Wel it is easy because no one wants to get hurt. The tellers are instructed to give anyone who asks anything without a fuss. So if you go in and say"I want all your cash", they will. No weapon needed.
Something is wrong with me today, i am pouring out all kinds of strange stuff.

Anonymous said...

Not a function of the town, but of the times. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think that some of the bank robberies are by folks who are just in dire straits financially. Does seem, however, that there's a bank robbery a week in Fairfield County.

AC Service Anaheim CA said...

Scary yes, but there is a very small likelihood that anything will happen within the couple minutes you are at the bank. I do understand why you would be scared though..

<3 Lindsay