Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Actual Star Sighting in Stamford: John C. Reilly!

As my husband and I were driving back from a wedding anniversary dinner at Market (very good!) I saw a guy in a teeny Subaru with his wife and kid in the Bull's Head shopping center.
Me: "I think that's a famous person." I gave him a good stare to be sure (because the other day I thought I saw Montel Williams at Donut Delite on High Ridge and turned out I was wrong) and added excitedly, "That's definitely a famous person! You know, the guy with the curly hair, and big nose? Renee Zellweger killed him in Chicago?"

My husband peered to look and said, "Oh yeah, I know that person. Why is he driving that crappy car?"

Me: "Maybe he's in town filming that Kevin movie?"

I immediately logged on facebook via my iPhone and some helpful people confirmed that the name of the actor is John C. Reilly, and he's filming "We Need to Talk about Kevin" in Stamford. You'll spot some "Base Camp: Kevin" signs around town- I saw one today on W. Broad St. near the hospital. Or somewhere. My life is sort of a blur as I'm constantly exhausted. It was somewhere, that sign, today.

Gotta run take care of the tired, ear-infected, coughing, fussing kid. He's a dear, really, just not when he's reached the end of the night and is fighting sleep.


Jeffrey said...

He flew by me on the way to the railroad station in a light Blue Subaru Outback tonight with a woman that we identified as Tilda Swinton. They are filming a Columbine like movie at the Wright Technical School in Scalzi Park.

Stamford Talk said...

Oh my god, hysterical, we saw the same car. So I probably would have seen Tilda if I had not been ogling JCR to make sure it was him!
Thanks for the deets!
Oh so it's at Scalzi... thanks- maybe I'll swing by after work tomorrow!

StamfordNotes said...

Nice! In related news, you can see the man himself in this video posted by Stamfordopolis: http://www.stamfordopolis.com/

Chris Preovolos said...

Any info on shooting sked at Wright Tech? Could be interesting.

Arielle said...

For no reason at all I will point out that Renee Zellweger didn't kill him in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

There's a police officer in Stamford or Greenwich (forget which) who looks EXACTLY like Montel Williams. My sister was speaking with him once, and she stopped in the middle of what she was saying and said, "Wait. Don't I know you from somewhere?" and without any hesitation the officer said, "You're thinking of Montel Williams." He said he gets it constantly.

My mom spotted John C. Reilly last weekend, too. She said she was looking at him and trying to figure out who he was; he's one of those actors in the category of "Who's That Guy?"... you know him by sight, but you're not quite sure from where, and not necessarily by name.

Stamford Talk said...

Good scoop, anonymous, on the Montel look alike. I wonder if I spot him, if he'd let me photograph him for this blog!

Arielle, but did she WANT to kill him or something? I really did not like the movie. I'm not a musical person!

Streets of Stamford said...

John C. Reilly played Renee Zellweger's sap husband, who had no idea she was sleeping with another man - the one who ends up dead!

Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane!

Great movie!!

Anonymous said...

The movie set was on Westover Rd. and has been cleaned up as of last Monday.