Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sorta Family-Friendly Kosciusko Park

I'm not gonna check my spelling of the park, I am THAT confident in my innate spelling ability.

Baby Q and I visited Kosciusko Park for the first time in my 8 ish years in Stamford. We went to a baby friend's first birthday party, which was held under the pavilion, which they reserved. Good for us, because the sun was hot- BAD for all of the other people who didn't have much access to shade. That's one of the negatives of Kosciusko- not too much shade. The other families and groups of friends- and the park was starting to fill up with revelers at 3:30 as we left- had to sit at picnic tables in the sun.

On the positive side, the park has a nice trail for walking along the water and a nice playground. The park is ridiculously close to downtown Stamford, a good 5 minutes closer to me than Cove (which is pretty much the best park in Stamford if you ask me). The park is just a few minutes' drive from the train station- go south on Wash Blvd and keep going, and you'll hit the park- I had no idea it was that easy.

On the negative side, the park is pretty small, and your kid could pretty easily tumble into the water (I think- I did not dare let my kamikaze kid go anywhere near the shore). There is a big baseball field, and I'm not sure what else, as I stuck to our party area. The park is not great for a young but fast walker like mine, as there are glass shards and bottle tops lying around the edges of the pavilion. I pretty much could not take my eyes off him for a second, but what else is new.

Our one little incident was a rowdy dude trying to take a picnic table out of the pavilion, one that had some of our stuff on it, which was sort of odd. I figure he had to have been drinking. His friends reigned him in- much appreciated!

I declare Kosciusko sorta family-friendly, mostly because it's just nowhere near as good as Cove.


Chris Preovolos said...

Hahaha. Nice try on the spelling.

A good friend of mine at the paper really likes that park, but I just don't see the appeal.

The view from the point is nice though.


Magdalene said...

There's definitely a 'z' in there. Believe it's Kosciuszko, but I usually check the City of Stamford website to be sure. I was once told I was the first person at the Advocate to ever file a story with the correct spelling. Don't know if that's true though. Come on, aren't there any Polish peeps in the house?

Doug said...

Definitely not true. I had the right spelling programmed as Control K on my keyboard.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you got the spelling of Kosciusko correct, since your great-grandfather was born in Kosciusko, MS in 1878! He would be very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Upon further research, it seems that General Kosciuszko spelled his name with a "z", and the park seems to include it also, but the town in Mississippi anglicized it by dropping the "z". So there are actually two spellings.