Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laura Linney Blocks Off Long Ridge...

For her Showtime series "The Big C" (C as in cancer) filming in Stamford.

And I'm totally ok with it even though it was tooootally the evening rush hour!

Tuesday, as I was picking up the kid from daycare, the light at Roxbury and Long Ridge was blocked by cops. I figured it was an accident, knowing how fast people drive on that road, but a friend told me via a comment on the blog that she had actually seen a blond woman being filmed in a car that was on a flatbed truck and that it was probably Laura Linney... cool!

So this is a probably, not definitely Laura Linney, but I bet it's right, because none of the characters in the Kevin movie are blond.

Plus Suzy what's her name from the Advocate gossip column said Laura Linney was spotted at- where else?- Napa recently!

I don't want to trash talk Laura Linney in case I actually get to meet her in my set stalking this summer, so I'm just gonna say I could not STAND her character in Love, Actually, which is otherwise the best chick flick/Christmas movie ever.


Anonymous said...

very cool. is the show set in stamford and are the doing all the filming here? or was this a one-off situation?

Stamford Talk said...

I think it's supposed to be shooting through August.
Not sure where I read it but here's another article about it:

Anonymous said...

I also ran into Laura Linney at Starbucks just off exit 6 about 2 weeks ago.