Thursday, May 29, 2008

Best Caipirinhas of Mi Vida at Avenida in Greenwich

Stamford, I cheated on you with Greenwich Avenue tonight, and it was fantastic!

I’ve been craving a good margarita, and gosh knows there’s no place for that in Stamford. The husband rejected my Boxcar Cantina suggestion but agreed to go to Avenida, a place on the Avenue I've not yet been to. Not only were the margararitas good,-- “No flavors,” they informed me-- we ran into old, fabulous, riotous friends, who, turns out, were ordering caipirinhas even better than the ones I had in Brazil. Oh- and there was insanely good live music starting at 930.

Yeah. Stamford, I adore you, but where are your Latin restos? Oh? They’re in Port Chester? Well, can you bring them to Stamford?

OK I am seriously off to bed because I have again been told I’m very unpleasant when I don’t get enough sleep.

Oh. BTW. Avenida is where trendy Bleu (that's "Bluh" to you non-French speakers) used to be, and they still have those freaky see-through bathrooms that go opaque when you close the door. Live on the edge! I did, and no one appeared to have seen me doing my business.

Now, Greenwich, I love you, but I have to say, sometimes you are so Greenwich! For God's sake. Tonight I was sitting near a woman in white jeans, a royal blue tie-around tank, patent leather royal blue stilettos, and a matching royal blue patent leather purse! And huge Chanel sunglasses! There were so many blonds with blue eyes in Tori Burch flats and tunics with brown roots showing... more than usual. More than usual, Avenida. I've worked in Greenwich for ten years, and even this was overwhelming to me. And the men. Y'all are just gorgeous, but you're so Greenwich. It's stunning. It's astonishing. It's out of this world.

Sometimes you're too much, Greenwich, but you've got good margaritas.

Good night. Buenas noches. Buena sera. A domani. Hasta manana.

Here's the NYTimes review of Avenida.


StationStops said...

Avenida is getting a love/hate relationship in Greenwich. Its always packed, but it has bad word too.

Stamford has all the good restaurants sigh.

My wife and I (who are from Northern California and love authentic Mexican) ate there with another couple and have no plans on returning.

The margaritas were great - loved the made-to-order guac also.

However, service was poor - our glasses were empty most of the meal (thats a strike-out with our crowd). Our dishes ranged from fair to good - nothing to write home about at those prices.

But yeah good people watching there, even for Greenwich.

I also have some issues with eating Mexican at a restarant where the chef's name is 'Sinclair Thorne' - sounds like a Greenwich patron, not a Mexican chef.

Mr. Z said...

If you like Mexican and want to stay in Stamford, I implore you to make a trip over to the Taco truck that sets up shop on Richmond Hill Ave.

Excellent and inexpensive authentic food (kick ass tortillas) and the folks that operate the truck are very nice.

They have a phone number where you can call ahead so that you don't have to wait for your order.

StationStops said...

thanks for the tip Mr. Z I will check it out for sure - tommorrow!

brundlefly76 said...

Mr. Z I posted a review of El Charrito here:

Anonymous said...

what about Ole Mole? love it! there's one on High Ridge Road and they just opened one on the Post Road in Darien (which I haven't yet checked out)...anyone been to the new Ole Mole in Darien yet?

Anonymous said...

OK, I read your description of the very "Greenwich" crowd, and I would posit that there is a touch of Jersey-meets-Palm Beach in that first woman's outfit (the matchy matchy royal blue patent leather, the white jeans, the huge label-whore sunglasses). Albeit upscale Jersey.

Must say that of my limited forays into Greenwich drink spots, the women, as attractive and well-maintained as they are, all have a cougar-y aura about them. Even the young ones. It's weird. Maybe a "wealthy" sartorial style is more aging than people realize? Anyhoo, I love it! Rock on, Bored Housewives of Fairfield County!

I have never. Seen hot. Greenwich men. Ain't no true man candy in a living Brooks Brothers ad.