Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fairfield County Happy Hour at Monster B's

I am very curious about Monster B's. I meant to post about it on Stamford Talk, but I think I only posted about it at Chow. It's a new Stamford bar that I know nothing about, but I think it might have good music. Tonight (Thursday May 8) at 7pm, the Fairfield County Happy Hour Club is getting together there for what I am sure will be a total flirting drunk-fest. (That's the impression I get from the pics on their website.) I can't go because I'm sick, but you all should go and report back to me.

Here's what I know so far about Monster B's:

From the looks of the site, they DO have good music. Jen Durkin (Wednesdays) is well known and her friends are talented... Thurs is open Mike, and they have music Friday and Saturday. AND, I bet they have free parking. I can't picture where the place is, but I'm sure I can find it.

That's a pretty bold move to face off with Jimmy's Seaside's- I mean, Seaside Tavern's- Wed. Open Mic!


Terry said...

The place is pretty cool. Not too loud, good spot to have a drink and watch a game. Great beer list, good food. Not a bad place to go if you just want to be by yourself too.

JT said...

It won't be quiet tonight...

Depends on the night. Last two times I went it was pretty crazy.

Always Home and Uncool said...
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Always Home and Uncool said...

I just tried it for lunch the other day when the power went out at my house. All I can say is:

- 180 beers to choose from
- Good beef/pulled pork sliders
- Free Wi-Fi

It is now the official branch office.

It also may be the perfect spot for our "Bloggers Get Blotto" get-together.

Mr. Z said...

I'd been hearing about Monster B's on the radio and had done a drive-by, but this post got us to stop in for dinner on Friday.

I'd agree with JT, the place was much more crazy than it was quiet.

We walked in to a huge and raucous bar crowd, which did quiet down a bit as the night wore on.

Unexpectedly, they have free valet parking, which is a plus considering the tiny lot.

Our server was perky and the food was pretty good too (though the fries were a bit too soggy for our liking)

The aforementioned beer selection and reasonable appetizer and sandwich prices will probably be enough for us to give it another try, though we might shoot for an early weeknight in the hopes of finding a quieter bar scene.