Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stamford Police Parade: I Missed It

A reader sent photos and a description of the Stamford Police's parade to honor fallen officers. There was also a benefit at Thirsty Turtle to raise money for a fund for the families. This upcoming week is National Police Week, but some officers I spoke to said that Stamford did the parade a week early because a lot of the officers go down to DC for the big parade.

As my boyfriend and I were walking to Republic Grill last night down Bedford Street, we ran into a huge commotion around the police station. We heard bagpipes, saw cops on horseback and saw a huge procession of cops and cop vehicles. There were a bunch of police dogs, one of which was about to hurl himself out of the police car while he was barking at people. There were cops on segways, which was pretty hilarious...sorry I didn't get a picture of that! I saw police departments from Stamford, Bridgeport, Darien, Greenwich, CT,....New Rochelle. Mount Vernon, some place in Rockland County, NY,....Boston and Framingham, MA, and even Newark, NJ. Click on photos to see larger view.

The article from the Advocate says there were 40 police departments represented. The mayor spoke eloquently about the ceremony to honor those police killed in the line of duty. The police station had a black drape over its front doors as well. It was a pretty moving thing to see. A bunch of people were lined up across from the police station to stand and watch. I took these 2 pictures of the scene from my cell phone, but you can get an idea of the amount of officers and horses there were.

I'm sorry I missed this. I think Stamford Police do a great job of keeping our city safe. I've got a post started about them, but I always seem to find other things to write about! I just put that on my lists of posts to write, which also includes:
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So much to write, so little time.

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Mr. Z said...

Mr. Z's office window looks out over Atlantic Street so I had prime viewing for this parade. It was quite a spectacle. Dozens of motorcycle units led the parade followed by several different fife and drum corps from around the region. There were walking K-9 units as well as the aforementioned Bridgeport K-9 cars (with very agressive dogs). There were also bagpipers and the classic police cars.

Of course the thing caused absolute gridlock at 6pm on a Wednesday evening. Traffic was blocked coming out of the mall parking garages and all (or parts of) Atlantic, Bedford, and Broad Streets were closed.

It was a moving event, and I think the police deserve all the support and attention, but that was rough timing for evening commuters.