Thursday, September 13, 2007

My People's Bank Got Robbed!!!

SCOOP: As if it didn’t want to let Monday’s stabbing at 888 Wash get all the attention, the People’s Bank in Shippan got robbed on Tuesday. No one was hurt, but I feel terrible because the staff is really nice.
MY TAKE: I went to this bank last week and left thinking, My god, the people at that bank were awesome! I considered writing about it at Stamford Talk, but then thought, Who would care that I found a cool bank in a slightly sketchy area of town? Well, the man that robbed them cared.
GOSSIP/VERDICT: My credit union got robbed a couple of years ago, and no one was hurt there either. Evidently the bank robbers of Stamford are a gentle bunch, as you can see from Eloketh's photo. Still, you may want to consider the drive-through.

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