Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bloggers and Twitterers Unite!

As you may know, Stamford Talk is on twitter. I follow a bunch of local people who seem pretty cool, so we arranged to tweetup, meeting up at a local bar the same night as our monthly blogger meetup. (Many local bloggers also tweet.)
Monster B's is a great place for a meetup because it's spacious and usually not too crowded. We had a crew of 12 or so, including
babyslanguage, stationstops, On Stamford (mfamous), Fairfield After Dark, CT Mom, and Always Home and Uncool. (If I didn't mention you, sorry, it's mostly because you don't have a blog and I figure you might not want the publicity. :)

I personally could only focus about 20% of my brain power on the tweetup because I (as always) had my baby with me. About 60% of my brain power is usually on him, and another 20% is usually spent on my general distractibility and spaciness. The people who were able to (relatively) fully focus (and drink more than half of a beer) seemed to be having fun.

It's always nice to meet people in person with whom you correspond online. Almost always, those people end up being very cool, at least in the FC!


Chris Preovolos said...

Shoot. I had a late-ish assignment and then bocce (which got rained out). I hope to make it next time.

At least I didn't have to shoot Alive@Five. Here's to not having to shoot A SINGLE ONE so far this year!


StamfordNotes said...

That'll teach me to go tweetless - I technically am on Twitter but really have yet to meaningfully tweet...mostly because as soon as I joined, I got "followed" by a bunch of what appeared to be escort services...