Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little Buddha Open for Bisnass!

Little Buddha, the new Thai resto on Summer St., is a sibling of the very good Little Thai Kitchen of Darien. I was totally into LTK's excellent spicy green curry when I was trying to induce my own labor as my due date approached and passed in March. (Total fail, but it was delicious.)

We got delivery from Little Buddha last week, and I have to say, we completely screwed up the chance to try interesting food. I thought the cashew chicken might have a fun kick, but it was just ordinary Chinese food with slightly more spice. I should have gone for the curry or some other dramatic dish. The husband got a boring steak dish as usual. At 15 bucks each, the price was not worth the dull food. Next time I'm going to get more bang for my buck and just get the curry, which I know is amazing.

I haven't been inside Little Buddha, but a friend said it's pretty small and not stroller-friendly, so if you take your baby there, you should probably wear him or her! (I know, baby-wearing sounds weird, but it is super-convenient. I ate dinner out last night and the night before while wearing my baby in the fabulous ERGObaby carrier, available at our fab local Bed Bath and Beyond baby section.)


Whitemist said...

I hope I get to try it soon. There are a lot of new flavors coming our way!
(From strictly Stamford - Precious - at the old Uncle Dia's - Malaysian and Indonesian .)
And the new place on Summer, next to Merra's with a Chinese influenced Indian food!)

Anonymous said...

I've been to Little Buddha twice, and LOVED their food. Both times I had a curry dish, as well as some amazing apps. The inside is small, but the service is good. You can also BYOB -- we brought a bottle of wine and there was no corkage charge. For two of us, the bill was $31 before tip. Definitely my new favorite resto in Stamford.

Mrs.Opinionated said...

My husband and I went to this restaurant on Saturday night. He had the yellow curry which was delicious and I had Pad Thai with chicken which wasn't anything to write home about. I found the place to be very small and very warm. If you don't mind being part of your neighbors conversation than this is not a problem but I will not be running back to this place anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I had lunch there last week. Service was friendly but spotty, perhaps due to just opening and working out the kinks. Food was delicious but I felt the entrees could use some vegetables. My friend and I each ordered a shrimp dish and neither had any accompanying vegetables which we thought was odd. Just bowls of shrimp, sauce and side of rice. I would definitely go back though.