Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stamford Hates Leaves

I get it, leaf-collecting truck, you are backing up!!! And have been doing so for the last 10 minutes! But guess what! My baby is sleeping!!!

OK, there. I just had to get that out. (Oh, and now they are using a LEAF BLOWER to get what the BEEPING TRUCK missed. Right outside my baby's window.) I mean, I'm glad they are taking the leaves out of the road, because the leaves cause the cars speeding up and down my residential road to careen dangerously close me as they roar around the leaf piles.

Oh, it is quite a symphony of machines outside the window right now. Thank God for "Ocean Waves" on repeat on the baby's CD player.

Aaaaand now the leaf truck is speeding past my house with leaves in its plow.

Every year. Every year, this leaf craziness impresses me. Aaaaand now I hear the baby stirring. Beep, beep, beep. The war on leaves. Because leaves, I guess, are evil.


Nick said...

I think 45 minutes to an hour of truck noise is a small price to pay for such a valuable service, even if it does wake the baby. Maybe your lucky enough to have a place to put the leaves on your property, I'm not. I also don't have a vehicle that I could transport them with, I would need hundreds of bags to bag them, so my only option would be paying a landscaper to pick them up when I already pay taxes. It's really a valuable service and I am very glad it was not cut a few years ago. I enjoy reading your blog but really had to leave a comment on this one.

Anonymous said...

You should BE THANKFUL that they pick up the leaves instead of complaining about it.

Stamford Talk said...

Nick, we don't put leaves on our property... we put them RIGHT IN THE ROAD! :) Isn't that how CT does it?!?

Sorry to sound so complainy. I'm thankful for the service of collecting... I was just shocked by the cacophony! I don't remember it being this insane the past few years we've lived here. The crabby monster had finally gone to sleep, and I was going to get a few minutes alone... then all the beeping, plow smashing on asphalt, over and over... I couldn't believe how loud it was! I'm not sure how they could have been louder.

Oh, and then after it ended, one of the trunks honked REALLY LOUD, like, tractor trailer loud.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the truck driver was reading your blog. ;-)

Diet Dramatic said...

I'm thankful but complainy too - they made a huge barracade of leaves in the middle of my front of my house...blocking me in...making me 40 min late for work! But hooray for walking with less fear of death in my 'hood.