Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful For... Stamford Edition

I am thankful for...

--the lactation consultants at Stamford Hospital, and the mother's group they run on Wednesdays and Fridays
--the Stamford Police, who I think do a really good job, even if I mostly just see them directing traffic around annoying construction sites
--Vinny's Backyard BBQ, for being so baby-friendly, yet always having plenty of wine and thin crust pizza
--Stamford Museum and Nature Center for being free on Wednesdays, and for having such cool exhibits
--Bellini's awesome, if pricy, baby furniture
--the baby section of Bed Bath and Beyond
--Beldotti's Bakery and DiMare Pastry Shop, for making great cookies so easily available to me
--Mrs. Green's, for carrying kooky organic stuff, so I don't have to drive to Whole Foods Greenwich
--Tully Health Center Walk In Clinic
--new blog, Stamford 411, by the Advocate staff

What about you? What Stamford stuff are you thankful for? What did I forget?

I'll go back later and add more links, but for now, I hear the baby fussing!


Malerie Yolen-Cohen said...

Hi, Talk - I've been reading you and you're on my blogroll! I've had my site up a bit over 2 months now and post almost every day about free and discounted stuff to do, eat and buy in Stamford. Check it out and nice to make your acquaintance.

malerieyolen said...

By the way - the site is Stamfordonthecheap.com

Streets of Stamford said...

Between me and the Mrs., we can second most of your thankfulnesses(?).

I'm thankful for Cove Beach, Scalzi Park, Kotobuki, Kit's, Egane, all the amaaaaaaazing nurses in Labor & Delivery and Maternity at Stamford Hospital, and living in one of the nicest, safest cities in America!