Monday, May 10, 2010

John C. Reilly All Over Stamford/Old Greenwich...

... which I think is pretty cool!

My friend saw JCR in Binney Park last Friday (4 days ago). Her son toddled up to him and nearly stole his sandwich.

Cook and Craft
, a cookware store in Old Greenwich, tweeted that same day that JCR and Tilda Swinton strolled by their store.

I also hear reports that JCR was at Tigin in Stamford over the past few days, so keep your eyes peeled, people!

Send me your sightings at stamfordtalk (at) gmail (dot) com.
I don't know if I'd get spammed if I wrote out my whole email, but that's how I see the internet folk doin' it.


Anonymous said...

He was at black bear saloon downtown last night singing karaoke and taking pics with people!

Stamford Talk said...

Ummmmm I do NOT believe it- I gotta see pics!!!