Saturday, January 1, 2011

Burgers Shakes and Fries, Darien: Good

We hit the new BSF in Darien and were pleased.

The good:

  • Burgers nicely cooked, bread delightfully buttery. The baby liked both, so I had to order him his own burger.
  • The onion rings were crunchy and yum.
  • The staff was prompt and helpful.
  • The manager responded kindly and positively to my comment about them needing to order child seats ASAP. (They're ordered but haven't arrived.)
  • Parking is easy.
  • Huge bottle of ketchup on every table.

The not as good:
  • Fries were the teensiest bit too soft.
  • I found the sweet tots (sweet potato tater tots) way too sweet.
  • Your husband can't read your mind, so he didn't get you cheddar and pickles on your burger.
  • Your kid will eat too much of the burger and shake you were supposed to share.

Definitely worth a revisit. Bring friends so you can share the side dishes and sample everything!

BSF is right across from the Starbucks on the other side of the Post Road, but you go to the next light so you can park behind BSF.

Thanks to Chris Preovolos of Lunch Break Chronicles for alerting me to the opening of BSF! See his post for nicer pics.

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Dr Horder said...

The onion rings rock!!! Love this place in Byram and so glad they expanded.