Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Snow: Were We On Our Own?

Did the city of Stamford not hear about today's snow? After I saw a school bus skid off a side road in Greenwich, I figured I'd go 95 and Wash Blvd home. The bottom half of Wash Blvd was slushy, but above Bridge Street, it appeared to be a sheet of slushy ice. Surely not, I thought as I crept along behind a line of traffic at a turtle's pace. I must be imagining that! Why would the biggest north-south artery in Stamford be a sheet of ice!?! And then I saw the van in front of me fishtail. Indeed, it was ice.

(See closeup of ice below, and see ice in front of my car in photo above.)

I don't get it. Where's the sand?

One side road near my house was fine. The road my house is on: a disaster, and it's kind of a busy cut through.

I did not see a single plow, sander or salter on my 25 minute drive through Stamford. Maybe I missed them, but the response to snow that I saw- at the exact time most children in the city were either riding a bus home, walking home, or being driven home- was not good at all.

My Twiend (twitter friend) reports that her road was plowed and salted, and I know we're in the same 'hood, so maybe it was just an uneven response by Stamford?


UnsatisfiedMind said...

I'd say uneven, yes.

I'm sitting downtown and looking out the window at Broad and Atlantic Streets.

I've seen plenty of plows throughout the day and the roads right now look pretty clear and traffic is moving smoothly.

I expect that the roads heading up to Westover are worse, but since the snow has slowed down, I imagine the plows have hit some of those as well...

Anonymous said...

Washington Blvd is a state road, can't really blame the city for that. I was out and about today, saw plenty of plows I think the city stayed ahead of it the best they could.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to blast the city for the last storm? after all many turn lanes, parking spots and even some lanes going under 95 are still covered...really. It's not like this is hard work people - they're just driving around in a plow.

Whitemist said...

I was surprised because my street is usually the last on the list and they plowed and salted it before i got home!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is hard work. The people who plow are up all night long, sometimes for 24 hours at a time. My uncles are city workers, and they are the ones up all night trying to salt and sand while we sleep in our beds. Did the city do a perfect job? no. Are the roads still messy in places? yes... but cut them some slack!