Thursday, January 6, 2011

Duo Reincarnated as Kokoro on Greenwich Ave!

I was SO excited to see, on a Kokoro postcard that my coworker brought back from her sushi run, the phrase "WE HAVE MOVED TO GREENWICH- FORMERLY DUO & PLATEAU (STAMFORD)".

My coworker said it was the best sushi she's ever had in Greenwich. Kokoro is somewhere on the bottom half of the Ave.

I assume they moved because more people are spending money on sushi on the Avenue?

A quick glance at the website shows a resto that looks a lot like Duo and a menu that's a mix of both Plateau and Duo. Happily, the amazing Spicy Tuna Pizza appetizer is still served!

Duo was one of my favorite restaurants and I'm happy to see its owners- and amazing food- are still around.


Anonymous said...

I was devestated when Plateau/Thai Chi and Duo closed. Jimmy, Danny and the rest of the staff made for a great dining experience in addition to excellent food.

The reasons behind the closing were not for greener pastures, though. Stamford City government's draconian permitting process held up their refurbishment of Thai Chi for nearly a year, killing their cash flow and making it impossible to operate.

Bureaucracy killed two restaurants and all the jobs and tax revenue that came with it.

StamfordNotes said...

OH MY GOD THAT'S THE BEST THING I EVER HEARD! You totally made my day and scooped my blog. Well done!

Simon said...

Would you and Zobot like to come down to the restaurant? Ask for Simon please.