Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hope Trump Parc Is Following the Weather

I hope some of the people in charge of Trump construction are aware of the coming tropical storm today. During the last strong storm, a huge piece of wood flew off the 25th, 30th, whatever, floor and skewered a vehicle. Plenty of smaller stuff also blew off the building that day, including something that hit my friend's truck. The Trump Parc construction contractor, in statements in the newspaper, acted like that storm was a big surprise. No it wasn't, and in any case, your guys should have tied down that stuff and cleaned up the floors, because that's what the mayor had ordered you to do after the other three debris-falling incidents.

I would have liked it if Trump had released a statement yesterday (maybe they did, but it wasn't in the paper) stating what they've done to prepare for the coming storms... because I don't trust them. I certainly wish I did, because it's a real pain to have to circle around Trump when I want to go to Target. I take the extra 5 min and go up Wash Blvd, then down Summer, because my life is just too good right now to risk being maimed by falling wood.

I'm half-tempted to ride down there later today when it's windy to see what's lying in the road around Trump, but I don't think my husband would approve of that. One really strong burst of wind and a tiny piece of metal might fly across the road and poke out my eye.


CT Mom said...

Got to agree with your husband. 5 minutes of inconvenience is worth not putting your eye out.

See you at the blogger meetup?

Always Home and Uncool said...

I wouldn't be with a mile of Trump Parc is this storm actually hit, let alone in Target.