Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Will Stamford Be on Kitchen Nightmares?

Last February there was drama galore in Stamford when the reality TV show Kitchen Nightmares came to Sabatiello's on Bedford. I had never heard of the show, but you can bet I got myself signed up to be on it ASAP. Basically, Gordon takes a resto that is floundering and tries to turn it around by showing the place what's wrong, helping them fix it, and then relaunching it with better decor, menu, and attitude. I and a few other Stamford Talk readers got to be diners at the resto post-makeover. We discussed it on Chowhound if you want details.

The show is finally back on the air, and I'm dying to find out if I was interesting/photogenic enough to make the cut. (Doubt it.) There are two new episodes on tonight (Thursday), but neither is Sabatiello's, and I can't seem to find out what next week's episodes will be.

Last week's episode was the only show I've found stimulating enough to make it through an hour. There was a stubborn owner, a recalcitrant chef, and an insanely dirty walk-in fridge.

I'm curious what Sabatiello's problem was, besides mediocre food, which, if you think about it, is a pretty common problem.

When I find out the date the Stamford episode will air, I'll let you know!


Jonathan "JR" said...

The only episode of Kitchen Nightmares that I've seen took place at a bar in the Hamptons called Finn McCool's. The father, who owned the place, was receptive to Gordon's ideas, but his son, the head chef, had the "I know what I'm doing attitude," even though he was a mediocre chef at best. The worst part, however, was when the older kitchen assistant was tossing some chicken wings in hot sauce, dropped one of the wings on the floor, and then put it in the fryer - ON CAMERA. Gordon was speechless. When Gordon asked the guy what the hell he was doing, the assistant said that the fryer would burn off any dirt.


JT said...

I actually know. Let me be sure I can say so I won't be fired.

Anonymous said...

Well? Can you say?
We are waiting patiently ;0)

Manager Mom said...

Is Sabatiello's still in business? because even post-makeover, I've never seen more than 2 people in there, and usually 50% of those are restaurant staff.

Stamford Talk said...

I saw at leat 4 people there on... Tuesday night, I think it was?

JT as long as I know a few days before that is cool! The FOX site does seem to have info episode up a few days early, but it would be cool to start yakking about the air date now, ya know?

Hey, at least now I know that it's actually going to be on, and that we weren't a total dud.

JT said...

I'll let you know on Monday. Is the show an hour? If so I think we did get shafted because the Stamford ep is only a half hour.