Friday, November 30, 2007

AHHHHHHH!!! The Advocate liked my letter!!!!!

I got a letter to the editor published in the Stamford Advocate!!!!!!!
My letter is about Whole Foods. I'm proud of myself that I got off my butt and took action after posting that more of us need to write feisty letters!

"To the editor:

A Whole Foods in Bull's Head? ("Plan for Whole Foods advances," Advocate news story, Nov. 21.) Anyone who travels through that already busy intersection knows that plan is misguided.

I'm a big fan of Whole Foods, but four of Stamford's major north-south roads meet in Bull's Head; an enormously popular store will cause tie-ups on the key route that commuters take to work. A trip to the Whole Foods in Greenwich shows the traffic nightmare the store causes on a regular basis.

In a 2000 survey by the Connecticut Policy and Economic Council, 62 percent of participants from Stamford felt traffic congestion was bad or very bad. I can't help but think Stamford's residents' opinions were not taken fully into account.

If the plan goes forward, I hope traffic will enter and exit only on the Long Ridge side of the intersection. That's the only way for Whole Foods not to make that area a mess."


Anonymous said...

It's a little misguided to compare the situation at the Greenwich Whole Foods with the potential Stamford Whole Foods. Yes, bull's head is a busy area, but a lot of the traffic problems at the Greenwich store are caused by the woefully inadequate parking lot which forces traffic to back up as people wait to pull in the lot, let alone get a parking spot. This will not be the case at the new Stamford store.

Stamford Talk said...

I hope you are right! I know they are talking about a parking garage, but one article mentioned that a pg right there would put it RIGHT at the center of the intersection... visible from every direction and perhaps be not so attractive. I'll add a link to that article in the post; it's an interesting article.
I hope they can also avoid the traffic mess that happens in the Summer St. Stop and Shop/Bed Bath Beyond lot. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

The design of the whole foods project must take in to consideration the flow of traffic and pedistrians as well as how it faces the street.We do not want this Wal-Mart developer building an ugly fortress sitting on top of a hill. I agree that the entrance and exit should be onto Long Ridge Road and that the garage should be in the back of the property, out of view. If you are concerned about how this property will be developed please attend the Zoning Meeting on Monday December 3, 7:30 p.m., at the Government Center.