Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Stamford Mall Set Up: Not Bad

I just had dinner at the P.F. Cheng's at the mall and was very pleased. I mean, it was P.F. Cheng's, but service was great and so was my Columbia Crest Chardonnay for six bucks.
I'm not a big Chinese fan- Pearl East's food (on Summer St.) is OK but the decor is depressing- so maybe I'll go to PFC in a pinch. There was a nice buzz in the busy dining room, and the crowd was slightly diverse, which is rare.
I'm happy with the new mall set up. H&M, Barnes and Noble, no complaints about that. B and N is right by PFC, so if PFC gives you a buzzer to carry while you wait, you can browse for books while you wait for your table. A good marketing scheme all around.
Any other suggestions for Chinese food? Kam Pei in Bull's Head is OK. Maybe there are no great Chinese restaurants in Stamford... I hold Ching's Table in Westport up as my ideal. I think it's called that. I always call it the "Red Door Restaurant" because the facade is red.

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good to know. Thanks.