Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stamford Police Care What I Think

In today's mail I got a survey from the Stamford Police asking about my safety. I was so thrilled to be included; it made me feel like a real member of the community. I had to run out the door, but was looking forward to filling it out, adding a nice note at the bottom about how much I like the Stamford police, and also mentioning that at night, around midnight during the week, the parking lot behind Tigin's is really empty and scary. Maybe add some floodlights, or better yet, a ferris wheel. That would light it up, yet be fun and decorative.

Anyway. Got home from errands and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Headline in the Advocate: "Police to survey residents"! I skimmed the article. My eyes lit up when I read that I was ONE OF 13,000 residents who got the survey. Yes indeedy. Other 110,000 of you? Losers. Me? Part of the survey. Don't try to influence me; I've already filled it out.

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Anonymous said...

That parking lot scares the you know what out of me at night. Will not go without Hubby.

Isn't cool that you got that survey just a few days after posting about them?