Monday, November 26, 2007

Discussion: Barack Obama's Memoir

I can't blog long, because I have to finish a whole book before tonight's book discussion at South End. It's Barack Obama's "Dreams from My Father." I have two things to say about this.
1. The book was written twelve years ago, so it's not some goody two-shoe memoir to prove what an angel he is. I respect that it's a book that was written not necessarily from the perspective of, "I better write this in such a way that it makes me look like I should be the President." I gave it a quick skim and it looks like an authentic memoir rather than a, "Here's what I learned growing up that pointed me toward my destiny as President."
2. I'm officially declaring my support for Obama. We know it's going to be a Democrat, and I'd rather see Obama than Clinton. I'm officially "interested" in politics now.


John said...

This is a fun post for me for two main reasons:

1 because I took the leap to call myself an Obama supporter awhile back... after much hemming and hawing.
2 I own a copy of, "Dreams of My Father" that I've been meaning to read for at least 2 years now... so perhaps it's time I picked it up.

Would be interested to hear how the discussion turned out.

Stamford Talk said...

The discussion was awesome. It was a mostly African-American crowd (16 of us total) so I felt like a got a well-rounded view of the book. I would have focused on the political implications of the book (OK I only got to page 100 but I'm continuing to read it bc it's so good) but we discussed what race meant to him quite a bit. I'm going to post more about it, but I'll just say, I think you're going to love the book. He is incredibly honest about his life and views about race, both of which are complex. Frankly, he might be too smart and cool and open-minded to be president, which is sad. I don't think America wants someone as amazing as he is.