Friday, November 2, 2007

Salsa at The Palms

My friends and I hit the Palms one Sunday evening, and the crowd was suprisingly mellow yet lively. (Thirsty Turtle next door was a mob of sweaty people, the dance floor packed.) The Palms has:
Ballroom dancing on Wednesday, 6:30-12 am
Salsa on Thursday- free lessons at 7 p.m. (that sounds really cool and I should add it to weekly events!
Friday, Corporate Happy Hour 5-8 pm (cool! Possible singles location?), followed by salsarengue.
Saturday, Latin rhythms and free salsa lessons at 8 pm
Sundays, Reggaeton at 9 p.m. I guess we were there for Reggaeton. It was a little awkward because my friends and I aren't very Latin, but we danced anyway and had a good time, although we slowly realized that it was all couples... and us. Probably dancing totally wrong. Oh well.

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