Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cricket Report: St. John's vs. Bridgeport

I had fun at the cricket match. Just like last time, a nice cricket player came over to ask if I knew the game, then patiently explained the happenings on the field and answered all of my dumb questions, both cricket and non-cricket related.

I got lots of new info, such as the fact that St. John's of Stamford is the newest team in the Southern CT Cricket Association (SCCA)- 4 years. I found out that a guy on the Bridgeport team plays for the US National team, and that the Greenwich does have a team, but they play in the NY. I saw the wickets get knocked down for the first time- what a ruckus! I also took some passable photos. Click on the two photos in this post to enlarge them, or see all 14 at my flickr site.

I really want St. John's to get more fans. I was disappointed there wasn't a big crowd today; I know, I set my hopes high, but I want to cheer my city in a sport. What other teams do we have that play inter-city matches? And I do not mean high school sports. Nothing would be creepier than an adult who has no association with Stamford Public Schools watching teens play sports. Yuck. I want to cheer for adult males, thanks.

My newest idea, besides cricket needing to be an Olympic sport, is to get a cricket club at Stamford or Westhill High. A high school-aged player at the match told me that would never happen because too few kids would be interested, but if it's like, a once a week, hour and half game, I bet you could round up a good co-ed team. That club team could provide a pool of players so St. John's could start to dominate. Right now, they are not one of the stronger teams in the league, and I think one reason is that they need more younger players. The UBS team, also based in Stamford, probably has a plethora of fresh knees every year; they tend to do pretty well, I hear.

Next Sunday (Labor Day Weekend), UBS plays Bridgport in Stamford, and St. John's plays at New Milford. The SCCA tourney starts Sept 13- see website for schedule under "fixtures"- and the final is Sept. 21 in West Haven. Ideally, St. John's or UBS will advance in the semifinals and get to play at home before the 21st. I'll be happy to have another excuse to sit outside on a nice day, observe fellow Stamfordians, and pretend that I understand the nuances of cricket.


Anonymous said...

Ever shop at Safavieh? Ever hear from anyone who did? I might be pulling the trigger on a rug, and I was hoping to hear some positive feedback first. Any ability to haggle with the price?

Jonathan "JR" said...

Is Sunday's match at Lione Park again? And what time? I swear I'm going to see some cricket one of these days!!

Stamford Talk said...

Um... I can't afford to buy rugs. I buy mine at Staples, IKEA, or Bed Bath and Beyond, rarely over 80 bucks.

Anyhoo. Cricket! Yeah, I assume it's at Lione- nothing on the site indicates it wouldn't be. You MUST go check out the cricket! I hope you get as nice weather as I did!

patty said...

It's worth the drive to the ABC Carpet & Home outlet in da Bronx.

Talk, I admire your gumption. Pluck. Moxie. Determination.

Your pursuit of The Truth About Cricket seems to bring you some pretty neat experiences!

Jonathan "JR" said...

Any idea what time they play? Their website is no help!

Stamford Talk said...

12:30 they play! Last weekend's match went until 6!