Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stamford Talk's Accidental Media Blitz

I'm having a good one-year Stamford Talk anniversary month. Last week, the Stamford Times featured area bloggers, including me and several of the people in my blogroll. Then, an Advocate reporter came to our blogger happy hour and wrote about how we have extended our online community to the real world. I was surprised and happy to see my photo on the front page. That doesn't happen too often, at least to non-criminals. Today, my very first column for the Stamford Times appeared, complete with a huge photo of me. I attribute all these articles simply to the fact that I really, really get around, both online and in the real live world. Here's a photo of one of the great roosters I wrote about, and you can't miss the big photo of me with my column!

See my flickr site for more photos of the roosters I observed for the article.

If you read this post after Aug 18, you can read an excerpt of the Advocate article here.


Irenesbooks said...



Adam Bernard said...

Congrats!!! Keep kickin ass and taking names.

patty said...


I know this will sound disingenuous, but believe me it's not: ever since the rooster post, the comment Melina left sparked my imagination. Chickens? And ROOSTERS? In Stamford?

What must that be like?

Thanks for capturing that slice of Stamford life and sharing it with the world.

You deserve the adulation, Ms. Talk. You are well on your way to building the Stamford Talk Media Empire.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Good job, ST. I'm glad to say I knew you when.

The FTF said...

Congrats and great article in the Stamford Times!! Now I know where to go to poach eggs. (There is a play on words there, it's just not very good.) But anyway, congrats!

Kristine Gigs said...

You go girl!!! Great write up and super pic! Now your cover has been blown though...might need to put on your Lois Lane disguise!
:)The other Kristine

Melina said...

Again Kristine, thanks for the nice article and beautiful pics! I was sitting with grandpa today up here over central park and had the slide show of the roosters going on his little hospital table! He hasn't really seen them, but is eating many organic eggs.
You're always welcomed at the Brown Rooster Ranch, and if I don't toss a few over the fence at Stew's or look the other way while opening the car door and letting some out up at the nature center, I expect that the noise situation will gets better in the winter and hopefully the nasty passive aggressive will sell their house and sail to the Caribbean, which is where they spend most of their time anyway.
North Stamford has come a long way from when Grandpa bought the place in the 40's and it was dirt roads...but there are many farm creatures hanging out up there!
I want a pygmy goat, but it depends on getting a bigger barn...and my time! They also tend to walk on cars and scratch them I should stick to chickens.
Anyway, I linked from the non political of politics land...
and I also had to send out your links on Lee Whitnum for the primary...I hope that all CT bloggers will be sure to remind their readers about who is a nut case in the upcoming primary.
Yes, I'm coming up to vote!...and maybe will be back, if grandpa continues to get better, at least a few days per week!
Again, congrats! wonderful work!!(one of the political writers that I respect the most commented on how well the article in the Times is written)

see you soon!

Anonymous said...

One of the nicer photos that I've seen of a Golden Campine, thanks for sharing this insight into Stamford life.