Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mellow Stamford Skateboarding Video

I'm mentally wiped right now, so I'll just link you to an upbeat skateboarding video by Scott Frosch that put a smile on my face. "I feel like Jonah in the belly of the whale..." or whatever the song in the video said. The video was filmed at our very own Stamford skatepark, and it shows off just how spectacular that big bowl is. Scott's a pro, so this a good quality video, not a crappy youtube one! Go all the way to the end of Scott's video to see some wipeouts.

Scalzi is smack in the middle of Stamford, right near the Bed Bath Beyond shopping complex on Summer, so swing by one evening while the weather's still warm and check out the skating. Read all about local skateboarding under the Skateboarding tab. You won't regret it.

In the photo above (taken by Scott, or was it PDA?), you see of my favorite skaters to watch at Scalzi. I like watching other people things do I'm too scared/lazy/apathetic/rickety to do.


Scott Frosch said...

Thank you for the positive feedback and kind words. Based on the amount of comments, I'd say that skateboarding is not as popular as the game of cricket or taco trucks.

While the skating is pretty good, the camera work & editing was pretty hack on my part. (no color correction, graphics or effects) I just wanted to get something online quick for the guys to see.

Anonymous said...

You finally ran out of things to write about on Blanford didn't you?