Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trump Debris Hits My Friend's Car: Really?

Just before I was alerted to breaking news about the FOURTH (officially documented) incident of Trump Parc debris smashing something, I was on the phone with our friend who's staying with us. He said he was near a construction site downtown, debris like plywood was all over the road, and suddenly he saw what he thougt was a 2x4 bounce off the roof of his car. I sorta doubted it bc come on how absurd; a friend of Stamford Talk getting hit? However go check out the Advocate home page. Debris crashed into a mail truck around the same time. Gotta run I am sneaking this post in from a bathroom in Long Island but did want to get out this juicy gossip.


Unknown said...

OK, stuff falling off Trump for THE FOURTH TIME is not funny, but the image of you furtively blogging from a bathroom on Long Island? Priceless! I am chortling.

And outraged.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. This needs to be shut down STAT before someone gets killed.

Anonymous said...

lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit..I liked a comment in response to the advocate story: "Dan Malloy/Capelli/Rich/Trump..if a sliver of wood so much as brushes by my head I will sue you to Pluto. You will be selling pencils out of a tin cup outside Morton's (no more personal wine cage for you). I'd be happy to do so for anyone else too.. "