Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Hour Tonight, Monster B's

If you want to meet people, go to Happy Hour tonight at Monster B's. Not only will there be a bunch of 22-35 year olds from the Fairfield County Happy Hour Club, the band Short Bus is playing. They are a cover band and I hear they're good. Monster B's has an awesome outdoor patio, pretty good food, and lots o' beer. The Happy Hour Club isn't a dorky, forced get-to-know-you club; that's what someone I mentioned it to recently thought. You can meet people easily, though, if you want, because you're wearing a funny name tag.

Info from the FCHHC site:

Happy Hour- Thursday October 2nd at Monster B’s with THE SHORT BUS

The final details regarding this week’s happy hour are in… We will be at Monster B’s in Stamford this Thursday, October 2nd at 7:00pm! As we mentioned before, Monster B’s has been so gracious as to bring in Connecticut’s number one cover band, The Short Bus, just for you! To make things even better, they have also put together a slew of drink specials:

$3 Drafts
$4 Heineken Bottles
$3 Wine
$4 Martinis
$4 Short Bus Shots
$4 Malibu Green Monkeys!

If you were trying to remember where you have heard the term “Green Monkey” it was from Legends of the Hidden Temple with Omec. If you were ever a participant on Legends, please feel free to write us an email recounting your experiences battling temple guards and visiting the shrine of the silver monkey. Seriously email us if that was you (

If the specials were not enough, there will also be “representatives” from both Malibu and Heineken handing out a ton of free stuff! Boo Yah!!! (we just always wanted to use that)

In closing, we will be running a charity event next week for the American Heart Association at the Ash Creek Saloon in Norwalk, so mark your calendar now and come down to socialize and support a very charitable cause!

Monster B’s is located at 489 Glenbrook Rd, Stamford, CT 06906


Julie said...

Thanks for the heads up! As someone new to the area, this sounds like fun :)

Maura said...

The Stamford Democrats are hosting a Biden/Palin debate watching party tonight at the new Stamford Democratic Downtown HQ at 810 Bedford Street. Lots of cool Stamford folks who support Barack Obama and Jim Himes, lots of beer and wine, and surely lots of reasons to laugh and/or throw popcorn at the TV!

(An intrepid social person could do Monster B's and then head over and meet cool folks at Stamford Democratic HQ at 9:00!)

Manager Mom said...'s our monthly blogger's group that's the dorky, forced, get-to-know-you club. Just kidding, fellow bloggers. I'm the only dork, and I don't think I'm really even officially a member.

Anonymous said...

Too far afield for me, I stick to Bradford's on Summer Street, a great neighborhood bar with a diverse clientele, a great menu (not slimming, but excellent bar food) and a great bunch of bartenders, including the gorgeous Carla.