Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Local Bloggers Compete in Charity Smackdown

Two of my blogger friends, Manager Mom and Fairfield County Child, are participating in a national blogger competition to get people to donate to school projects through a charity called Donors Choose.

Donors Choose lets teachers post proposals for things that they need in their classrooms. Anyone can go onto the site and donate as little as $5, and the money goes directly to fund the teacher proposals. Manager Mom and Fairfield County Child both picked projects to benefit local schools, like new instruments for music education or a projector for an ESL classroom. If you know anything about public education, you know that often, schools cannot afford anything beyond basic supplies. This blogger challenge is a great way to have a direct impact on our local schools.

Both Manager Mom and Fairfield County Child are my friends in blogging and real life, so I won't take sides- I want them both to do well in the challenge. I know the economy stinks right now, but even a $5 donation will mean a lot to the teachers and kids. It will also help our own Stamford bloggers make a good showing against all of those West Coast mom sites. I like competition. Even if you don't care about education, consider donating in the name of beating other people. I'm sure that's in the spirit of Donors Choose, right?

Here are the links to check out the school projects that they're promoting:

Manager Mom's page:Manager Mom's Educationpalooza

Fairfield County Child's page:Fairfield County Child giving page

Thank you for considering! I myself have been too lazy and/or stressed out and/or unorganized recently to donate, but now that I have this post up, I'm feeling like I am going to get my act together and donate today. Hm. I'm feeling preemptively proud of myself... but I'll post a comment when I actually do donate.

Forgive the ridiculous photo above (courtesy of Manager Mom). It's Manager Mom along with two other local bloggers, Always Home and Uncool and Adam B. of Adam's World. I was there that day, but I guess I didn't make it into that particular photo.


Manager Mom said...

I did that photo after our first meetup, and I didn't have a picture of you to use! You know that if I did have a picture of your head, I would have made you the Head Baboon, for sure.

That's a compliment, you know.

Thanks for helping out! I got one project fully funded already (a new table for a KT Murphy classroom) and am hoping to help out more kids.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Uh, you wanted your mug cropped onto a monkey body?

patty said...

I gave some bucks (to be matched by my company) to fund an ESL project.

I looooove that donorschoose.org bypasses the Stamford Board of Education and gives money directly to teachers. Loooooooooooove.

Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike this Board of Education?

Oh, I did?

Well, then. Let me say it again.

Irenesbooks said...

I just added mine:

DonorsChoose.org: teachers ask – you choose – students learn

fairfieldcountychild.com said...

hey thanks stamfordtalk! and anyone who ends up donating.

Anonymous said...

Where's the lowdown on the treat to blow up chase bank downtown? see news12.com and stamfordadvocate.com

Anonymous said...

treat = threat!

Stamford Talk said...

Here is the article about Chase Bank and a quote:

"Police on Tuesday arrested a 60-year-old Stamford man they say threatened to blow up a downtown bank Saturday because he was upset about his investments."