Sunday, January 11, 2009

Annoyance Solved: Or, My NYSC Still Rocks

It was a long week. "I need a $#%&ing endorphin rush," I muttered to myself as I hauled myself up the the steps of my NYSC at 8:15 am today. I changed and came out to the elliptical machines. Horrifyingly, techno music was booming out of the open door of the spin room. "OK, just try to deal," I thought, and turned on my music on the earphones; I couldn't hear a damn bit of the music that had just been plenty loud further away from the spin room.

I went over to the front desk. "I don't mean to be grumpy, but can you do something about that music?" I asked. "I mean, is it hot in there, and that's why the door's open? I can't hear my own music, and I don't really feel like having hearing loss, and I just can't deal with this today. I don't want to walk on the treadmills further away, I want to use the elliptical."
The woman at the front desk said, "Oh, maybe you can try this one right here, it's just like the elliptical."
Me: "I'm pregnant. I don't feel like learning anything new."
"It's really easy on the joints. I'll show you."
She showed me, and I tried it (because this lady is really nice and I like her), then I said, "I don't like it."
"OK I'll be right back." The woman went over to the spin room and came back. "She turned it down. If that's not enough, we'll shut the door."

I went over to the elliptical the farthest away from the room. I could still hear the music when my headphones were on. "Don't be a b!t&h, just deal," I told myself. Rather than trying to listen to my music, which was still pretty drowned out by the techno, I tried listening to ESPN. "Think of the music as motivating," I thought. When I couldn't concentrate on the Pacman Jones shooting segment, and then, an abominable techno version of "Twist and Shout" came on from the spin room, I'd had enough. I don't pay good money, and drive through slush and snow at 8 am, to hear someone else's incredibly bad music. I stomped back to the front desk.

"I don't want those people in there to die of heat exhaustion, but I just can't handle that music."
"No problem," the lady said, and went over and shut the door.

I finished the rest of my 25 minute light cardio workout in peace.
Just another reason why I love my NYSC, the one off exit 6. When that lady is at the front desk, she will take care of your problems. I appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are meeting with "nice" people. That's great... but then again, maybe she just doesn't want to piss off a pregnant woman! It can be life-threatening, you know!

Hope you are doing well otherwise.

Marcin said...

Hmm, you must be kidding :)

She should have closed the doors first time you asked her.

gms said...

I was a big fan of Tully until they went on a maintenance/construction bender. Now you can't take a shower unless you walk through the main gym to the employee locker room and use their shower. The showers in the men's locker room, which were fine by me, were deemed to be awful, or somebody's brother in law was in the remodel business and not very busy.

Long story short, I haven't been able to go there for a couple of months, which hasn't stopped them from deducting $79 from my account monthly.

That said, it's been great, crowd-free and lacking in attitude and showoffs, catering to a mostly testosterone challenged older bunch of guys and a group of bridge playing bluehairs, with a few serious and well-behaved young'ns.

Jonathan "JR" said...

The music at LA Fitness sucks (mostly horrible dance remixes), but I can usually drown it out with my iPod. My favorite moment was when, on top of the music, I had to deal with the moron next to me playing music on his phone OUT LOUD. Dude! Buy some earbuds!!

Anonymous said...

NYSC in landmark square is closing but that doesn't mean that its still not going to be a gym anyone know if some other club is taking it over? LA fitness looks like it doesn't have parking ever

Anonymous said...

Stamford Athletic Club is the best choice for a membership - it is walking distance from Landmark and it has towel service/permanent lockers and a fantastic environment for local professionals and it is never crowded and has free ample parking.
I have been a member for over 10 years,