Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Darien Restaurant: Ten Twenty Post

Over the past month, I got wind of a new resto right on the post road in Darien. It might have been via the New York Times, or another blog, or a newspaper, but the husband actually took the lead to research it a couple of weeks ago and we went. The name is pretty horrible: Ten Twenty Post.
I ate there for the second time last night, and got a real meal and dessert, so now I feel qualified to review it. Summary: it's easy and good, but nice. It's a bistro, so in some ways it's quite casual, but it's upscale, hence the $30 filet mignon and $29 scallops and risotto that we got last night. Service was fair the first time we went, and it was very good last night. There is plenty of seating, so you're almost always guaranteed a spot, even if only at the bar. The place was bustling on both of the snowy evenings we were there.

Our first time there, I got the lobster macaroni and cheese: disappointing! The cheese was not tangy enough and the lobster was dry and chewy. Boo! Save yourself $20 and open a box of Kraft. The husband got the French onion soup- average, but liked his goat cheese crostini house salad.

Our second time there, we brought a friend and had a real dinner complete with expensive entrees, drinks and dessert. (Just finished painting and furnishing baby's room under this friend's direction, so we totally wanted to treat her and us.) None of the apps appealed to us, but the entrees kicked heinie. My companions both got the NY Strip Steak with fries ($27) and I got the scallops with veggie risotto ($29) and we all pretty much ate every bite of our food. My plate was the cleanest because I got the smallest portion, but not being tempted to overeat is fine with me.

Desserts were average. The chocolate molten cake was not molten enough and I would not get it again. The chocolate flavor was cheap and overwhelming. The pecan pie with caramel ice cream was good, but overly sweet, and the pie did not have enough pecans. Ah well. Going to places with bad dessert is one of many ways to watch one's waistline.

We had a blast bickering and talking at our little banquette in the corner, and the staff was great, so I overall give Ten Twenty Post a "Good." Very Good if I wanted to be generous, but a New York Times "Good." The New York Times did review the resto, but I haven't read the review yet. There's also a discussion thread on Chowhound about it that I'll go back and read later as well.

Oooh I just found the link for the NYTimes review, and I zoomed to the bottom to see what Patricia Brooks gave the resto: a "Good." Damn, I am GOOD. VERY GOOD.


Whitemist said...

Glad to see you back and active, I've missed seeing your posting, but I am sure the baby preparation has you busy!

Mr. Z said...

Mrs. Z and I hit 1020 tonight. It was packed well past 9pm, so in their micro-economy, they seem to be handling the economic situation pretty well.

She had the Lobster Mac and while I wouldn't be as harsh in the review as you were, you weren't unfair either.

I had a halibut special, which rocked. Just a great preparation of fish.

The servers were very nice and pretty attentive, though we did have a bit of a lull between ordering (and eating) the appetizer (flatbread - good, but not as good as Napa's) and ordering the entrees. We were in no hurry though, so not a big deal.

We were sitting at a long table near the bar and there was one other couple at the other end. The only thumbs-down I'd give them is that while we were finishing up our conversation they were setting the other half of the table to seat a larger party. We definitely felt like we were in the way at that point.

We'll probably go back.

Also interested to check out Ole Mole, which seems to be a far more comfortable space than its sister resto on High Ridge.