Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biggest Loser Season Starts Tonight!

I realize this is not exactly Stamford-related, but this is the main focus of my life this week besides cleaning my house and trying to keep my life together. I'm hoping to get back into the Stamford groove soon, but if you saw the condition of my house, you'd tell me to get off the computer and start cleaning/organizing/jettisoning crap right away.
Tonight at 8pm on NBC is your chance to start watching the Biggest Loser's biggest contestants ever. And don't forget, Innovate Fitness in Stamford has their very own Biggest Loser contest, and one Stamford Talk reader did it and highly recommends it. Getting a comment from a reader/contestant is not QUITE as good as having a Biggest Loser: Stamford Edition, but I'll take it! Ooh actually I just went to the IF website, and they DO have a little video of the contestants!

If I wanted to lose weight, had $1200 bucks available, and wanted a social atmosphere to keep me motivated, I'd totally do the IF program. I'm impressed with anyone who commits to fitness, because it's certainly hard to do that and keep up with a busy life. I don't have kids or a long commute, and it's a struggle for me to keep up with gym and healthy eating. I'm lucky I learned decent habits from living with a personal trainer for 2 years, then a nutritionist for the next 2. I secretly want to be a nutritionist and personal trainer, but I'm certainly not about to go back to school for it, nor do I want to give up Velveeta Shells and Cheese... nor do I really like vigorous weight workouts, because I always end up hurting a knee or shoulder (or, currently, my elbow now clicks and I can't do chest presses or tricep extensions). Yeah, forget that career change.

One caveat about the TV show tonight: TiVo or DVR the show; do not watch it in real time, because they stretch it for two hours. You need to fast forward through the commercials, and maybe sometimes the nutritional tips if you are trying to maximize your time. I'm having at least one friend over tonight- I'm lobbying two more co-workers/friends- and I'll probably force my husband to watch it too.

My husband just informed me we're out of dog food. Yeah, we're falling apart over here.


Jonathan "JR" said...

TiVo? DVR? Bah! I'm going old school and firing up my VCR.

Julie said...

Would it be wrong to eat a brownie sundae while watching Biggest Loser? I am craving one....

Stamford Talk said...

Sometimes we eat ice cream, we've done Oreos, but last month we had mac and cheese during the finale and felt really guilty because at that point, the contestants were getting closer and closer to our weights.
Monday at the grocery I spotted a really delicious looking pomegranite/acai berry/ raspberry sorbet, so we dished that out last night before starting the show.
In the opening, when Bob said, "Those of you at home eating ice cream..." my friends gasped. "Sorbet!" I shouted. "It's sorbet!" Later I checked the calories- 3 of us split a pint at at only 175 calories each. Not bad, and it was so delicious, tastiest sorbet I've ever had.

I thought she show was OK last night, not great. Didn't feel like I got to know the contestants at all, and didn't like that they eliminated 1/2 the people... but I do like the twist that 1/2 of the 1/2 can come back if their partner stays!

Jonathan "JR" said...

We also disliked the "half of you go home now" thing, and the "you might come back" only helped mitigate it a little.

I agree that you hardly got to know anybody yet, but I still loved everybody! Some of their struggles just break yout heart. I was thrilled when Dan dropped 30 lbs. and Ron dropped 32!