Saturday, January 24, 2009

Duo's New Menu, Baby Stamford Talk Update

Yikes! I am sooooo not in Stamford Talk mode. Working full time, seeing doctor twice a week, and then in the evenings trying to get house ready for baby (due in less than 6 weeks) and baby shower (in one week)... needless to say I am not going out much. Most of the shopping I'm doing is in Greenwich, Yonkers and Milford (I hate you, Babies R Us, and giggle in Greenwich, I love you, but I can't afford you). My mind is so distracted by thoughts of this baby that I can barely concentrate on Us Weekly.

There is one thing I did in Stamford recently that I think my brain can handle describing. Last night I wanted sushi, and the husband didn't, so we hit Duo. That resto has sushi and a really delicious beef entree the husband always gets. We got there... and the menu had changed. Not only did they change the beef entree, they added SNAILS to it. So, rather than tenderloin and braised ribs, it's another (still excellent) cut of beef and SNAILS. The husband asked for it without snails, and while the beef was truly freaking fantastic (I had a bite and then felt like ripping his plate away from him), it just wasn't the same as the original Duo-style, beef two ways.

I did not examine the menu too closely, because I was hungry to distraction, but it really has changed. They still have the rolls done two ways. For example, the bayou roll has a) cajun spice crusted albacore tuna with sundried tomato salsa and b) black pepper aioli yuzu crusted white tuna with scallion. They still have some of the same apps, like my favorite tuna pizza that I am going to get as SOON as I am not pregnant any more. (Do not ever eat that in front of me, even if I'm not pregnant, because I might swoop down and attack you- that's how much I love that app.) They have some new apps though, like shrimp shumai, and they now have a normal green salad with avocado and vinaigrette (delicious). By normal, I mean, like, not seaweed, and not with beet foam or fruity dressing.

I did not examine the entree list too carefully, but I think some of them are no longer done two ways, which is odd, since that's what the name Duo relates to. The new menu is not up online yet, but in the email I got from the owner (I'm on Duo's mailing list), he says,

-We added tapas-style small plates that can be shared as appetizers, or as a main meal
-There are now more specialty sushi rolls (18 of them) and more options for sushi platters and more fish for sushi/sashimi lovers
-Plus Brand New Kitchen Entrees. Anan has cooked up lamb shanks with mint glaze, red wine poached scallops, roasted snapper filets with asparagus and shitake mushrooms and many others...

I think their chef is pretty damn fantastic, so I am optimistic about their new menu. However, the husband, not the most adventurous eater, might have a harder time adjusting.

According to the owner's email, Plateau, Duo's sister resto next door, is also getting a new menu. I'm happy about that, because while I like Plateau's Southeast Asian food, the selection is not that tantalizing to me. I always get the mango chicken because everything else I've tried there has never wowed me.

OK, off to birthing class.


Whitemist said...

I have enjoyed Duo in the past, it was different enough to enjoy it NOT being a sushi restaurant, I have 3 in Stamford I will repeat going to...often for sushi. I personally did not want another sushi leaning restaurant in town and I am disappointed that the menu changed. I will now have to try it again!

Julie said...

I still haven't had a chance to try Duo despite your repeated recommendations. We will though, soon, I promise.

irenesbooks said...

I hate it when the online menus don't give prices!