Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DeNiro Downtown: Can Someone Go Do Recon?

So, a source tells me that DeNiro is downtown today doing reshoots.
On my drive-by after lunch today around 2:20, I saw 2 Stamford cops standing outside SBC on Summer St. I couldn't quite figure out where they were going to be filming, and I was too pooped to park and get out to ask the cops what the film crew was going to be up to. I knew if I stopped, I'd want to stay, and my pregnant body is just not in the shape to stand around for the hours it can take to see any movie action.
Plus, you have to be somewhat charming if you want to ingratiate yourself with the crew, and I was too tired to expend that energy. Instead, I came home and fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. A reader reported on the previous post that they saw DeNiro at Napa at around 3pm. Anyone else have any DeNiro sightings?!?
I'll try to do another drive-by tonight, but if someone ELSE wants to go stalk the set and have fun talking to the cops and crew, I recommend it. Nothing could happen, or something awesome could happen.

If the film crew is around tomorrow, I'll try to conserve my energy earlier in the day so I can spend it stalking the movie set.


Anonymous said...

The filming was in the "park" next to the Palace. I asked the cops who was in the movie -- they told me "Mayor Malloy and a couple of officers." I thought it might be a Malloy campaign commercial ;) But the officers then said..."and Robert De Niro."

I didn't have time to gawk, but I cut through the park to have a look-see. Filming was on the Palace/SBC side. There were lights, and cameras, and action... I actually heard someone say, "Cut!" -- but I didn't see who was being filmed.

With my luck it would've been the mayor, and I'm afraid I'm going to be seeing enough of him for the next 2 years.

Anonymous said...

In other entertainment news, looks like they are doing some local casting for another TV show: http://www.mrstamford.com/newsgossip/reality-tv-coming-to-fairfield-county-calling-all-stay-at-home-moms

Stamford Talk said...

catdance, thanks for the info! Wonder if you'd hung around for a while if you'd have seen anything.

When I was on the Shippan E.F. set, the filming was inside, so even though "Cut" got hollered a bunch, I never saw anything.

When I was at the train station E.F. set, it was outdoors, so I got to see DeNiro and another actor. That was cool.

I am really busy this week but am going to try to poke around any other filming I can find! Wonder if they'll be back tomorrow...

Oh and shuredude, yes, I heard from that producer also but didn't have time to post about it yet... looks like a couple other bloggers beat me to it!

Jimbeau said...

This morning there was only one trailer left behind Curley's Diner but it looked like they were filming something in that little triangle where Main St. meets Washington Blvd (in front of the Polish Deli). Didn't look like any actors around, so maybe just shooting fill-in location shots or something.

anon said...

DeNiro was at Napa with Steven Seagal. Talk about an odd couple.