Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stamford Train Station Parking Guarantee?

When I heard the DOT was planning on redoing the Stamford garage, but not really planning to have any backup parking, I got a bit freaked out. How could a major train station do without hundreds of parking spaces? I just kept telling myself they'd figure something out, because who would do something that stupid, right?
Today's Advocate's "Thumbs Up/Down" has an update. Thank goodness state lawmakers are putting the screws on the DOT, so they don't screw commuters!
Text from Advocate:Thumbs up to lawmakers fighting for an "insurance policy" protecting parking availability at the Stamford train station.

The state Department of Transportation is seeking proposals from private developers to build "transit-oriented development" around the station, a project that would include demolishing the obsolete garage there. The DOT's plan replaces an earlier one to simply build a new garage.

The department has repeatedly promised to provide enough parking for Stamford commuters before construction work begins. But members of the Stamford delegation to Hartford want parking guaranteed by law. "We need this protection in place because it would be absolutely ludicrous to remove parking for the train station without adequate replacement spots," says state Rep. Jim Shapiro, D-Stamford.

The DOT hasn't always been the most reliable or stable of state agencies. Stamford's delegation is right to demand protection for their constituents in this case.

You tell them, Advocate! I agree!
And, I like your new Thumbs Up/Down column! I like opinions!


gms said...


Train Station.



I always try to go via Old Greenwich, sooooo much more pleasant, and well worth the local delays.

irenesbooks said...

That's not going to help me when I want to take a train into the City mid-morning.

Kieran Hawe said...

It says something about the current state / situation of the Stamford garage when given the option to go from the outside lot to the main garage I passed.