Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stamford Hospital Quietly Transferred Victim

I had a doctor's appointment at Stamford Hospital last Thursday, and a terse parking guy directed me to do a U-turn away from my usual parking area behind Wittingham Pavilion. "We have a situation," he said. "You can either wait 20 minutes, or go park out front." I wondered if it was chimp attack-related, but I didn't see any media or reporters. I just read an Advocate article that leads me to believe it was related to moving the victim, Charla Nash:
The arrival of a medical transport team from the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday afternoon raised the speculation that Nash may be a candidate for such a face transplant. Nash was transferred Thursday from Stamford Hospital to an awaiting Beechjet 400 at Westchester County Airport...
"We were notified well in advance of our trip," [Dr. Daman Kralovic, medical director of the Cleveland Clinic Medical Transport Team] said. "We looked for an opportunity to get this patient here confidentially without any media attention."

I'm proud of Stamford for getting that done. There were two cop cars parked behind the hospital, but that's it, and there was no hubbub anywhere else outside or inside that I noticed while walking through. Charla Nash and her family certainly deserve their privacy and I'm glad there were no cameras there.

The Cleveland Clinic's jet sounds amazing:
The jet, cruising at altitudes of 38,000 feet, contains all of the equipment and surgical capabilities found in a fully equipped intensive care unit at a hospital, including an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine, or ECMO, a heart-lung bypass machine, which pumps blood for a severely injured trauma patient.

In the eight months since the Cleveland Clinic has added fixed-wing aircraft, its surgeons and nursing teams have picked up 90 patients from elsewhere around the country to as far as Kuwait, Greece, Italy, Panama and Portugal.
It's pretty spectacular to have a jet like that available.

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Whitemist said...

You know that there were several issues discussed among us Stamfordites that finally appeared in the paper recently.
Malloy on Fax news, The pool regulations and I think one other one that I don't have the capacity to remember. We seem to be doing a very good job at knowing Stamford.