Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Luxury Apartments in Stamford?

A reader needs your advice:
She and her boyfriend, both in their early 30’s, are moving to Stamford. They’d like to rent in a luxury apartment building (you know, nice place with gym, parking, laundry, etc.) that’s close to the train or offers shuttle service.
They’d also like their building to be somewhat social so they can meet people. Should she go for one of the Avalons- if so, which one- or does she have other options? If any of you have any advice for her, please dish!


Mr. Z said...

I'd check out Park Square West. It's in the heart of downtown, with easy access to absolutely everything.

The only Avalon left downtown is the Avalon Greyrock. They sold their Broad St complex.

Ricks said...

Avalon Glen is still pretty close to downtown and is currently giving credits to people signing leases now (I'm moving there in June and got a $1500 credit).
Avalon Greyrock is a slightly further from the action, but I believe it does have a shuttle to the train.

I've never lived in either, so I can't fully give a recommendation, but I think you get more for your money there than many other options in Stamford.

mr overnight said...

park sqUare has fANTAstiC location, but is run by a woman who is a nazi.

not much of a community at all.

bad workout room.

look out for charges for lost keys, parking, etc.

having said all that, clean and upscale.

but not worth the bucks

Nathan said...

Newburry Common is a good choice. A little more dated than the Avalon's but great amenities (dry cleaning, laundry, gym, parking). Pretty social too. Sunday evenings out by the BBQ is always a good place to meet new people. Only thing is the proximity and lack of shuttle to the train station..

anne said...

You could easily walk to the train from Newbury Common, though. And I believe there's a public bus/Commuter Connection nearby.

There's also still an Avalon on Southfield Avenue by the water, but I agree you'd probably get more for your money (and perhaps more stable management) elsewhere.

Stamford Newbie said...

Hi everyone-

I'm the reader that sent in the initial question, so figured I'd add some details...

We saw Park Square West and while we definitely loved the location, for the price the apartments are pretty small and have VERY little closet space (I'm not willing to sacrafice my wardrobe for location!). We also weren't thrilled with the add'l fee for parking while every other building we've looked at throws in a covered space.

We looked at Newbury Common, and to be honest I felt like I was in a retirement home!

One building that hasn't been mentioned is ParcGrove (formerly Avalon Grove)-- any thoughts on this one??

I would love to hear feedback from people that have actually lived in any of the rental buildings...we have to sign a lease SOON!!


KW said...

I lived in Avalon Grove, when I first moved to Stamford in 2001. Social-yes, ammenities-yes, good floor plans-yes, ability to hear your neighbors-yes,yes,yes. Biggest drawback is the poor construction, you can hear your neighbors above, below, and to the sides.

Stamford Newbie said...

Thanks KW-- anyone happen to know if the other Avalon buildings have the same issue?

Anonymous said...

If you run out of options in Stamford, there's an Avalon complex in Darien also. I know nothing about it, other than that it's there and quite close to the Darien station.

Amanda said...

I lived at The Fairfield for years and loved it. Its on Morgan St, has great apartments (I know they've started renovating some to upgrade to stainless appliances and hardwood floors). I had a huge walk in closet, and an enormous deck (only the 1st floor apartments have these). Best of all in the summer is the pool. Decent gym.

The other place to check out is Stamford Corners.

JR said...

Hey Newbie,

In this market, you might be able to negotiate your way to a free parking space. I don't know how tough the Stamford rental scene is, but I've heard of buildings in NYC offering all kinds of deals and incentives to potential renters.

Philippines properties said...

Agreed in here: Avalon Glen is still pretty close to downtown and is currently giving credits to people signing leases now.

Paula M

Anonymous said...

I would go with the Newbury common for the BBQs - especially if you're looking to meet people but with sSptember here I don't know how many more BBQs there will be this year. If you're worried about social events, there are always things you can do outside of the building to meet people. Try social events or leagues. For example for the tenants of our boston luxury apartments there are Social Boston Sports, Boston Ski and Sports Club and T's League which all offer events and sports leagues to meet people. I'm sure there are plenty of things in Stamford like this.