Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Willie Nelson and Billy Bob Thornton in Town Tonight! Eyes Peeled Today!

What the heck? Why haven't *I* ever seen a celeb at Napa?
Last night at 8:21 a reader posted an anonymous tip that Willie Nelson and Billy Bob Thornton were dining at Napa. Seriously, you can't make that up!
Willie is performing tonight at the Palace Theatre. I am stymied by the Billy Bob presence, but- actually, wait- doesn't Billy Bob have an album out? Perhaps he's a guest performer? Yes! I just checked the Palace website. Billy Bob is indeed performing. Awesome. There was some hubbub a few days ago with Billy Bob canceling his performances in Canada and acting crazy on a talk show, so this could be an interesting concert!
Even if you don't go to the show, keep your eyes peeled today in downtown Stamford. You might see Willie or Billy Bob!

I'll be home watching Biggest Loser if the kid cooperates. Baby Stamford Talk goes to sleep anywhere from 8pm to midnight, so we'll see if he feels like letting me watch my fave show.

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Manager Mom said...

Billy Bob's band is opening for Willie's.