Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jon Bon Jovi to Have a Club in Stamford!

I have received a very juicy tip: Jon Bon Jovi is opening a club in Stamford at the site of the old Thirsty Turtle. Jon Bon Jovi and his partners own several high end clubs in NY, LA and Chicago, and their next will be in Stamford. I’m not sure how much free time I can procure in the next few months with this baby o’ mine, but you can bet I’m going to be stalking this club. Like, peering in the windows, asking workers when Jon is coming by… that’s the kind of stuff I do.
Anyway, I hear they are trying to open up in time for Alive at Five. That’s great news in my book. Not like we need any bigger crowds at Alive at Five, but in general, we need more people downtown. I wonder why Jon chose Stamford. Anyone?

I cannot find any info online about Jon's other clubs, so you can assume we are part of a very secret network of upscale clubs. I wonder if they'll have live music. That would be great to have a big name like Jon who could bring in quality groups.

Has anyone seen activity/renovation at the old Thirsty Turtle?

If you are new to Stamford or to this blog, last summer’s Alive at Fives were very, very fun. Very crowded, but very, very fun.
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Jimbeau said...

I look out over the back parking lot behind the former Thirsty Turtle, and I have seen them fill up a huge dumpster with construction waste about 4 or 5 times in the last month. Not sure if that is just stripping down old stuff, or building new.

Stamford, the workin' city? said...

I had the same tip and posted it on my blog,
Anyway, I guess Joe K corrected the info, it is the same owners as the Thirsty Turtle (the restaurant mafia?) and have simply bought the name. Not so exciting, just more of the same, I guess.

Whitemist said...

Stamford Talks - Paula (Stamford the place that work?) is correct. I checked it out after seeing her tip and thought she was correct, both my sources told me that it was Bon Jovi's brother, not Bon Jovi and one source told me they bought the building. Then the actual plans came to the Health Department and I realized that it was just a ruse. Same owners, just using the name. They are re doing everything.
The reality - my friend Scott started this with what he began at Twenty (that the Greeks ruined it was not his problem) and it is still very successful.
This is the attempt by that restaurant group to regain their composure and will probably work (thank goodness).

Manager Mom said...

Yeah...New York, LA, Chicago...Stamford? Does not compute, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I was really excited (I love Jon Bon Jovi) until I read the comments...

I'm sure you'll find out the real story! :)


Anonymous said...
It's his brother not him.

Whitemist said...

In this case, I am the person who knows, same old owners, just the name and some "assistance" from the the brother. The plans are in offical hands and that is my source.