Monday, January 18, 2010

Vinny's Backyard BBQ Cooks Beef Perfectly

You should read that as a headline: "News Flash! Vinny's Backyard BBQ Perfectly Cooks Beef to Different Degrees of Doneness for Three People!"

I am serious. My father-in-law, the beef connoisseur, said the beef in his steak sandwich was done perfectly: medium-rare. I asked for my burger medium well, and it was so. The mother-in-law wanted her burger medium- it was so! And the husband, as always, liked his ribs.

There is something wonderfully reassuring about a place where you can go and get a decent burger with good fries. The place is baby-friendly but not overrun with kids, the bar is huge, lots of TV with sports on... I love the place. Granted, the food is not diet food, but... it's enjoyable.

Vinny's is pretty much the extent of our eating out these days, although we do plenty of delivery food when my "meal planning" falls through: Thai Chi, Republic Grill, Michelina's, Kit's Thai Kitchen, Little Buddha, and occasionally Pearl East.

My baby, right now, is licking his reflection in the mahogany end table. That's funny.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visit Stamford on the Cheap- for Haiti!

Malerie, author of Stamford on the Cheap, will give $5 to Save the Children Haiti for every comment on her post. I think that is awesome. Please stop by and comment, then take a gander at the rest of the site! Click here to read more.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aggressive Driving Knows No Age Demographic

Of all the people to blow through a stop light and nearly rear-end me, I did NOT expect it to be a gray-haired lady in a Saturn! I KNOW she saw me! I drive a huge white car! Yet after I came to a full stop and pulled into the intersection, there she was, right on my butt!

"Jesus Christ!" I said out loud to myself and the baby (who's now almost walking, and right now, crawling under his Leapfrog Learning Table).

All I could think was, that lady has gotta be a Stamford native to be driving that confidently. She tailgated me up to the stoplight, looking irritated that I was driving near the speed limit, then roared off toward the Merritt.

It kinda shook me up. Now I don't know who I'm safe with.

But you know who drives worse? Men in minivans. Men in minivans, with no kids in the car.
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