Monday, May 30, 2011

Recent Obsession: Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Last month I went on a big sausage egg and cheese sandwich (on a hard roll- only a hard roll is acceptable) kick. I started with the place I first became friends with the sandwich: Riverside Deli in Greenwich. That sandwich is standard but very, very good. My one complaint is that you have to order a DOUBLE egg to make the egg fill the sandwich, but then that's a teeny bit too much egg.

Vigilante's Deli on Hope St. solves the egg problem by using extra large eggs. They add a bit of an edge to their sandwich by using slightly spicy sausage. I really enjoyed their sandwich, but on a regular basis, I'd prefer to standard sausage of Riverside Deli. Still, Vigilante's is an excellent option.

Garden Catering on High Ridge Rd. in Stamford offers an OK sausage egg and cheese sandwich. The fact that I ate mine while driving (to Massachusetts) may have impacted my enjoyment of the sandwich, but I wasn't crazy over it. I'd have to try it again to identify what the problem was, but WHY would I try it again if I could get Vigilante's? Oh, right, because Vigilante's is closed on Sunday. Also, Garden Catering is really meant for fried chicken and those delicious potato cones. Best junk lunch ever.

However, I just learned of another place on Hope St. from my new favorite local blog, OMNOMCT. One of their posts tells me that Giacomo's Italian Deli has good breakfast sandwiches. They suggest putting it on the Arthur Ave bread that Jack imports from the Bronx, which goes against my hard roll love, but I'll try anything once.

One place I'll never try again is Bull's Head Diner. The sausage egg cheese sandwich I got there could not have been worse. I don't even want to talk about it.

My local Twiends recommend:
Fusaro's Market on High Ridge Rd. and Lakeside Diner Long Ridge Rd. (@kzone 8)
the breakfast burrito at Rosie's in New Canaan (@After_Words)
the Vegas at Nicholas Roberts in Norwalk (@CT_Bites)
Garden Catering, High Ridge Road - egg, chili and cheese (@HeyStamford)

@PhilippeKeb seconded Lakeside and @CT_Bites agreed with @After_Words about Rosie's breakfast burrito.

I'll probably try Fusaro's and Lakeside, because I'm all about an easy local breakfast!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Local Blog Has Scoop on Volta!

I just found the blog OMNOMCT. It's done by a local couple and they review restaurants and gossip about food. I love gossip of any type. They have lots of info about food and food events in the area, so add it to your reader... I just did!

I was happy to learn from OMNOMCT that the new gelateria to be opened right next to Bar Rosso is run by... the SAME GUY THAT DOES CAPRICCIO! I love Capriccio for fast healthy delicious food as well as (OBVIOUSLY) their fantastic outdoor seating.

I quote OMNOMCT's post about Volta:
Apparently, much like Capriccio, there will be outdoor seating, with room for about 50 people. On the menu? Yep, you guessed it gelato and crepes, but it doesn’t stop there. They’ll also serve wine and beer along with lighter cafe fare like salads and sandwiches with a French twist.

We eat at the same places over and over (Capriccio, Coalhouse Pizza, Vinny's Backyard BBQ), so I'm excited to have a new option.

Thanks for the scoop, OMNOMCT!
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bar Rosso Initial Thoughts

Bar Rosso is located in the old Bennett's Fish and Steakhouse. The inside is redone beautifully and it was very busy when we were there on Friday. We were the only people there with a kid; there were many couples on dates and several groups of friends. Bar Rosso is run by the same owners as Napa, which you KNOW I (and Robert DeNiro and Ron Howard) adore.

My initial thoughts are that the food at Bar Rosso was too heavily flavored. I love strong flavor, but the spaghetti with meatballs was very, very garlicky. The sausage that came with my chicken entree was coated in what I think was parmesan and it was just too much for me. Maybe it was because I filled up on delicious bread, though.

The husband got filet mignon and potatoes. He ate most of it (which for him is a very good sign) but said it was a bit dry. His garlicky potatoes were great.

Next time I go to Bar Rosso I'm going to try the salad and a pizza, although the buzz on twitter was that the pizza dough was a bit off. My Twiends also found the flat screen TVs annoying, but they also agreed that a new place needs time to sort itself out.

The good thing is that prices are much lower than Napa, so once Bar Rosso gets itself on track, I think it will be a great place to go. I am crazy about pizza, and to have a nice resto offer it makes my heart sing. There looked to be 24-30 outdoor seats, which should be a real boon to Bar Rosso.

My verdict is that Bar Rosso is definitely worth a visit. There is a lot on the menu and I need you to let me know what is awesome so I can try it, too.

Check out this informative write up at CT Bites:
--Behind The Scenes @ Bar Rosso's Stamford Opening

I also just found this write up at OMNOMCT which gives some suggestions for what to try and does note that they found the food to be a "bit too salty."
--Hallelujah! A feast worth waiting for.
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Nurse-In! Nurse-In!

I have always wanted to be a part of a nurse-in. There's one next Tuesday at the Trumbull Mall at 12:30, but I have to work, darn it!

Last week a woman at the Westfield Trumbull Mall was told by a security guard that she had to cover up while nursing. That's clearly a violation of CT State Law, which reads, "It shall be a discriminatory practice in violation of this section: for a place of public accommodation, resort or amusement to restrict or limit the right of a mother to breast-feed her child." Unfortunately the woman felt intimidated by the guard and left.

I would have pulled out the little card I have that has the CT State Law written on it, told to guard to get away from me, promptly contacted management, and then called every media outlet in the area. It's absurd that nursing moms have to be so aware of their civil rights, but the incident at Trumbull Mall shows why.

I find it tragic that many people find the healthiest way of feeding a child* to be indecent. I know it impacts women's motivation to breastfeed, because it's inconvenient and just plain not fun to go hide in a corner if you need to feed your child. The CT State Law is in the "Human Rights and Opportunities" section. It is a human right to breastfeed.

I almost can't blame the security guard; we see breastfeeding done in public so rarely (first of all, people usually don't even NOTICE you are breastfeeding), so it makes sense that he'd be uneducated about it. It's his employer's job to make sure he and all staff are aware of the rights of their patrons, so I'm curious who holds the most responsibility for the guard's mistake. Was he properly trained?

To many people, the idea of a cover makes sense. What those people don't know is that once the kid hits 5 months or so, he realizes that having a sheet over his head while he's trying to eat is uncomfortable. He then rips the cover off, waves it around, and punches you in the face with it. Meanwhile, the whole restaurant, or airport, or park is watching the action. At a certain point, a nursing cover is way more attention-getting than uncovering your boob for 1-2 seconds, latching the kid on, and just using your shirt to cover your boob.

Anyway, if you are a nursing mom or know one who's free on Tuesday, and if she's a bit of a hell-raiser like me, please tell her about the nurse-in!

*PS- Hey, Forest Park, Georgia- notice I say CHILD, not baby. Your law limiting public breastfeeding to children under age TWO is ridiculous, unfair, and discriminatory. As someone whose two year old still nurses, I take personal offense to this arbitrary law which shows your ignorance of breastfeeding, children, and biology in general. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I state, once again, that is a human right to breastfeed a child of any age, and I'm happy I live in a state that recognizes that.

(Georgia's law is similar to CT but says it's a woman's right to breastfeed her BABY. When does a "baby" become a "child?" Who should decide that? Certainly not a bunch of strangers who don't know your kid, and certainly not a bunch of dummies who apparently care nothing about breastfeeding and its health benefits.)

There is also a school in Georgia that BANNED BREASTFEEDING ON THE PREMISES. Can you believe that? The real story is actually worse than it sounds, so you should read it. Not only was the teacher who wanted her baby brought to her during the day told she could not breastfeed her baby at school, this means that the teen moms at the school are banned from breastfeeding.


Many people also think women should just pump and use a bottle in public. Those people have probably never had cold plastic pulling at their nipples. They've probably never had to set a pump up, sit alone in a room for 10-15 minutes, break the pump down, store the milk, transport the milk, then wash all the parts and bottles that night and repack the parts in the morning. Also, decent breast pumps cost at least 200 bucks. Mine was 300. Pumping is not very fun, although I'm thankful to my pump for letting me keep nursing my kid full-time after I went back to work at ten months. Nursing your actual BABY, though, makes more milk, and is just way more comfortable. For that Georgia school to imply that breastfeeding is so dirty that it's banned on the premises... well, it makes me sick that breastfeeding moms are at the mercy of such morons.
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